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1. Posted by Monkeypod (Budding Member 54 posts) 7y


Ive been in India 3 weeks and while i have enjoyed some bits, i was seperted from my b/f semi kidnapped and4 a few hours and harrassed by a bunch of guys the other night, im tired and fed u and havent seen another westerner in the whole time ive been here. in Mumbai atm and would love some company, meet for a drink chat.. talk about your experiences? got 7 weeks left in India

2. Posted by andyuk2010 (Budding Member 45 posts) 7y

Is India really that bad? Going in April/May with gf and didnt have those impressions of the country at all. Where in India have you been?

Take care!

3. Posted by citybell (Full Member 419 posts) 7y

hi Monkeypod,

It is really surprising that your bf was semi kidnapped for a few hours and harassed by a bunch of boys in Mumbai?!!
What was the reason? Such things not happen atall unless a person is involed in drugs or such other illegal activities.You should have reported to Police at once. Police take very seriously such cases especially incase of foreigners.

mumbai is a big metro and it is difficult to meet other foreigners unless you know where most of them stay.

If you are in Chennai, may be i can give you some company and show you around.

All the best.

4. Posted by citybell (Full Member 419 posts) 7y

Hi Andyuk,

Just remember that April/May are the peak summer months in get prepared .If i can know the places you are intending to visit, can offer suggestions.
Bring and wear only cotton clothes and have a head gear so that you will feel cool. Try to visit nearest hill stations once during middle of your stay so that you will feel comfortable.
all the best.

5. Posted by traveler1 (Full Member 190 posts) 7y

hey monkeypod, if your in mumbai, you would wnt to hang out at Colaba, will have enough westerners there, would make u less homesick i guess. ...visit cafe mondegar or leopolds....Sorry about your experience but it is a chance experience like anyone would have in any city around the world..hope your 7 weeks go by fine

6. Posted by andyuk2010 (Budding Member 45 posts) 7y


Thank you for the advice. We are visiting Mumbai and Trichy, possibly Bangalore as well as Goa.

Any advice on these places would be much appreciated.


7. Posted by citybell (Full Member 419 posts) 7y

Hi Andy,

Seems your arriving airport is Mumbai. After seeing the city (a ride in suburban train will give you how populated India is)
visit Ajanta and Ellora caves.
OK....from Mumbai, better to visit Bangalore and then to Mysore. Mysore is a place to be visited as it was a ruled by a King and there are very nice palaces to be seen. Also visit Brindavan Gardens about 15kms away from Mysore city.
There are frequent trains and buses( every 30mnts) to Mysore from Bangalore.You can even do a day's trip if you are pressed for time.

From Bangalore there are number of trains (about 5hrs) to Chennai.Spend a day by visiting Mahabaliuram. Take a night train Rockfort express and arrive in Tiruchy early in the morning. Go up a small hill ( Rock fort temple) and you can view entire Tiruchy! Visit some historic temples. In the evening visit Mukombu a place where you can relax with a garden and two rivers flowing down under the bridge.!

You can take a bus operational 24x7 every 5mnts to Madurai or take any one of the trains. It takes about 2.5hrs -3hrs to reach Madurai. Visit famous Meenakshi temple during the morning or in the evening (remember that temples close from noon till about 4pm).Then head to Kodaikanal a hill station about 3 hrs by road.

While visiting temples, dress modestly. Ladies not to wear shorts or mini skirts. For men it's ok to wear shorts.

Return to Madurai and take a train to Goa..Need to check if there is a train to Goa directly.Later will inform you.

In Goa, you will see a different India.:))

have a nice trip.

8. Posted by andyuk2010 (Budding Member 45 posts) 7y

That is great!!!!!! thanks alot.
slightly worried in what you mean by 'seeing a different india in goa'!? i will find out shortly!
are you based in india?
take care mate

9. Posted by citybell (Full Member 419 posts) 7y

Hi Andy,

No need to worry..Keeping it a suspense! You will find it interesting when you Visit/see Goa!!

Yes, based in India.

How do you plan to reach Tiruchy and where from? Asking just to give you suggestions.

take care.

10. Posted by Monkeypod (Budding Member 54 posts) 7y

Thanks for the advice Citybell.

The incident happened to me not my boyfriend, after we had been cleverly seperated from eachother and it was in Tala (near Umaria) not Mumbai. I was not allowed to leave for 6 hours while they abused me.

Police report had been filed, though no action looks like it will be taken. same old i guess, i found it disgusting how the local young men think they can treat western women, but enouigh of dwelling on that.

We moved on to Mumbai which was brilliant and are now in Mysore staying with some indian friends the next 6 weeks are deffinately looking up!:-)

Andy I am really enjoying India now,im sure you will too, just gotta be careful I guess and try not to loose each other.

Also who can reccomend some really good incence oils in Mysore? what are your favourites?