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I need help planning by Travels... (please help!).

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1. Posted by calypso_b (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I am leaving for a trip in around 10 months, maybe early January if cheaper.

London to Australia (land Brisbane - surface - leave Sydney - or visa versa) [3weeks]
Australia to New Zealand (land Christchurch -surface - Auckland - or visa versa) [3weeks]
New Zealand to *Phillippines* [1month] *or somewhere similar?)

  • Phillippines to Singapore (Singapore - surface - Bangkok) [2weeks]

Bangkok (Bangkok - surface - **Vietnam, Cambodia, Lau, Saigon - suface - Bangkok) [5months]
Bangkok to Beijing (Beijing - surface - Hong Kong) [1month]
Hong Kong to Delhi (Delhi - surface - Tibet) [1month]
and then home.

  • *I was hoping to use Bangkok as a hub to travel much of asia without flying.

Im hoping to have around 14k total budget for EVERYTHING. Ive e-mailed some RTW vendors for some quotes today. I need to go to Australia first because I am meeting someone out there to start travelling with. I also would like to do as much on land as possible. So to sum it up. I have 3 questions about my Australia - Asia - India trip.

Question 1: Are there any land-travelling oppurtunities Im missing that can get me across vast parts of Asia without flying?

Question 2: Would it be best to get a RTW deal of flights or try and travel across land spending as I go considering probable extra costs and potential visa restrictions without an outgoing ticket?

Question 3: Any advice you can give me!! Any places to add or a better route to go or a bad season for a certain place would be most appreciated.

I look forward to any recieving any energy you are willing to expel for my benefits

2. Posted by Brushy25 (Budding Member 7 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I have recently travelled from beijing through china and around south east asia. I found a RTW ticket was best for longhaul flights between continents, flights around south east asia can be picked up fairly cheaply for certain destination e.g. Hanoi to bangkok on the other hand others are very expensive e.g. bangkok to seim reap. Overnight trains are always a good idea as they are cheap and dont cut into your days. Yo may find it easier to plan your trip in a loop with bangkok the start and end point for sout east asia.