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Honeymoon to South America for 12 weeks July to Sep

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Honeymoon to South America for 12 weeks July to Sep

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My future wife and myself are planning on going to South America on Honeymoon from July to mid September. Our rough plan at the moment is to fly to Lima and then work our way across to Cusco for the Inca trial and then from there we pretty much have an open itinerary apart from wanting to spend the last few weeks in Brazil.

We were kind of thinking Peru, Bolivia, Chile (to Santiago) across to Mendoza for Skiing and then to BA before heading up to Iguazu falls and then into Brazil.

A few things.....
How cold will it actually be? As it is winter will the temperature be realtive low in all countries or will it be sunny shorts and t-shirt in some parts?
Does anyone have any hidden gems that would be nice for a honeymoon experience?
Any suggestions on what we can do in each country?
In the last week we would like a nice hotel on a beach in Brazil. Any recommendations? We would like it to be warm.

Any help/ advice is greatly appreciated.


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I will try to answer some of the questions you asked.

The weather- It is winter and the temps can vary a bit. Your warmest weather will be in Peru or Bolivia. BA will not be warm. It can be 10C. I was there a few years ago and it snowed for the first time in 50 years. Think Seattle or Vancouver for temps without so much rain. Mendoza can be cold or can be warm. One day it was 4C and 3 days later it was 26C. Usually it is always sunny there (mountains get the snow). Iguazu Falls will be around 15C. As for the rest of Brasil, it wont be warm. At best, Sao Paulo gets to 20C. Any place south will be colder. But it is the dry season, supposebly. Normally here in SP we get some rain. The last few years its been unbareable. Up til last week, we had 5 months of rain. Almost every day. Brasil is more difficult to predict since the weather all over the world is wacked. Rio, is near 25C. Any place north of Recife, its warm 30c and dryish. You want a nice beach and warm, make sure its north of Recife. Porto de Galinas is a great place to go with the fish eating out of your hand but can be a bit pricey. As an example, look at This site is for packages, but you can see fotos and general knowledge of prices. Then theres google to expand this. Some great beaches and warm water are found outside of Maceio, Natal, Fortaleza, Recife or any other beach along the Forget ANYPLACE south of Rio for beaches at that time of the year. Im not fond of Salvador or Porto Seguru. Check Gol airlines and Tam for plane prices ( cheaper).

One other note to mention, Rio is the 8th most dangerous major city in the world. But the beaches and touristy spots are good and safe. I would try to get a package from SP or Rio. Usually the plane is free and you pay the hotel (overall). FLying without is really expensive here. Could get lucky with some special.

Anything else, let me know

I edited becuase I forgot it would be September you get to Brasil:)

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For somewhere special see Lares de Chacras. It was a small boutique hotel in the midst of about 10 bodega's 30 minutes from Mendoza.

Got there by taxi which didn't cost that much at all but can't recall exactly how much.

The food there, and in local places, was amazing. We went there for the wine though which was truely outstanding and relatively inexpensive.

I'd go back there at the drop of a hat.

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