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Very Early thoughts about RTW trip July 2012!!!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Very Early thoughts about RTW trip July 2012!!!

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Im in the very early stages of planning a RTW trip for 2012. Due to studies/work commitments i cant leave until 2012 when i will be 30. I understand you can only get an Australian Working Visa up until 30 and i have always dreamed of a stint working there. I was just wondering if you could cast an eye over my itinerary and advise me on budgets (I have a long time to save after all!) and time scales.

The RTW ticket i am looking at is : UK - Buenos Aires - Lima - Cusco surface Santiago - Auckland - Fiji - Australia - Hong Kong - Siem Reap - Luang Prabang - Bangkok - UK

I am looking at spending a week in Buenos Aires, a week in Lima, 2 weeks Cusco(4 days doing inca trail), 3 weeks travelling to Santiago, 1 month in NZ, 2 weeks in Fiji then onto Australia.

I figure i need to be in Australia early November 2012(my birthday is late November where i turn 31) and i plan to work in Sydney for 2months, travel for a month, work in Melbourne for 2months, travel for a month and then work in Perth for 2months.

I would then fly to Hong Kong and by my estimations that would take me to July 2013 and my RTW ticket would be up. I was thinking of travelling overland taking in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand then either flying home to the UK or ideally making my way home on the trans-siberian railway from china - moscow. I am confused about this part of the itinerary as i have no time scales just as far as my money will take me!! Any ideas how i could incorporate these countries in a logical order? Would it be feasible to add Tokyo in?

I am pretty clueless regarding budget as well so any help on that front would be appreciated!! I like to have things meticulously planned so apologies if this seems a bit extreme thinking that far in advance!


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Hi again

After doing some research I have come up with the following budget, can you let me know what you think please.

South America £25 a day roughly - £1225
NZ - £2000 - Hire a campervan and drive round, skydive, bungee, glacier hike maybe......
Fiji - £500
Oz (8months) - £3000
SE Asia - Depends on how long i stay there really.....but i was thinking at least £2000 to take in the countries i want to see

Looking at this i would probably aim for 9k spending, does this seem realistic?

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Still hoping for a little input to this thread. I have been trying to put together an itinerary that I can do in a year so I can make full use of my RTW flights. Here is my latest effort, the RTW ticket i was looking at was from priced at £2410 -
London - Moscow surface to Shanghai - Tokyo surface to Osaka - Hong Kong - Manila - Sydney - Alice Springs - Cairns surface to Brisbane - Auckland - Santiago surface to Quito - Madrid - London

This takes in the trans-siberian that i wanted, also Tokyo and Japan. In Australia i plan to travel overland from Brisbane - Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth then fly from here to Vietnam as an aside from my RTW ticket where i will travel Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Singapore in 2 months then catch a flight back to Brisbane to continue on my RTW ticket.

So in summary my latest itinerary looks like
Moscow - Shanghai - Tokyo - Osaka - Hong Kong - Manila (1month)
Sydney (Work 1 and half month) - Alice Springs (1 Week) - Cairns (1 week)
Getting from Cairns - Brisbane - Melbourne (3 Weeks)
Work in Melbourne (1 month)
Getting from Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth (3 weeks)
Perth (2 weeks)
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (4 weeks) - Thailand (1month) - Singapore (1 week)
Brisbane - Auckland (2months travelling NZ)
Santiago - Quito (2 months)
Madrid (1week)

Looking at this i would only be working 2 and half to 3 months in OZ, is this not a bit of a waste of a working visa?

Budget wise i was thinking 10k spending - Moscow to Manilla £1500, OZ £3000, SE Asia £1500, NZ £2000, South America £2000

Does this seem right?

Im confused as to whether i should stick with my original plan and bin the remainder of the RTW ticket which would give me 6 months working in OZ or whether I should try and cram it into a year!!

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Im still running over details for an itinery, more complicated than I thought but best to be thorough.

I had those thoughts about being on the 30 mark & working in Oz, tricky. Wouldnt mind the USA/Oz/Asia route in the next year or so.