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Best quote for RTW travel from STA?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Best quote for RTW travel from STA?

1. Posted by 7680 (Budding Member 5 posts) 7y

Hey guys, I'm looking forward to going travelling this year and I've been asking for quotes for RTW tickets from STA, Travel Nation and Trail Finders (waiting for Travel Nation to get back to me), they have all come back with varying quotes (even two different quotes from STA, one from over the phone and another from in-branch) here they are:

  • STA Travel: In-branch - £1,570 inc tax
  • STA Travel: Over phone - (quote) '...I have sent you through your full itinerary with the total price of £1650 includes all tax + for the internal flight is £280 - from Hong Kong to Beijing'. - I'm not sure if the £280 is included with the £1650? will call her up again to confirm, if it is, that's cheaper than the price that was given to me in-branch as in-branch they didn't inc the Hong Kong to Beijing flight).
  • Trailfinders: £1,630 inc tax

My itinery is: ( // means travelling overland)

UK - Hong Kong // Singapore - Cairns // Sydney - Christchurch // Aukland - Fiji - LA - UK.

(regarding the £280 price quoted from STA above over the phone I have since decided not to have that flight (thought it better to travel overland) so the other quotes do not include the extra flight from Hong Kong to Beijing).

Has anyone else found any better places to purchase a RTW ticket? I'm really looking for the best ticket out there, any help would be great

2. Posted by Appro (Budding Member 41 posts) 7y

Wait for Travel Nation to get back to you. They were by far the cheapest of my quotes.

3. Posted by 7680 (Budding Member 5 posts) 7y

Hi many thanks yes in the end I got my quote from Travel Nation and they were so much cheaper by far, really happy to go with them!