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What to wear in Israel and Middle East?

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East What to wear in Israel and Middle East?

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11. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y

Quoting bex76

Quoting t_maia

If you manage to convince the Israeli immigration authorities not to stamp your passport on entry and exit but place the stamp on a piece of paper instead you can hide your visit to Israel.

Do the Israeli authorities still do this Maria? I thought I'd read somewhere that they are not willing to do this anymore.

I haven't been in Israel for quite some time, most of my information on the Israeli passport stamp comes from the grapewine.

AFAIK the situation changes according to today's political climate, the mood of the immigration officer in question and how long your nose and how winning your smile is.

For a few months you hear nothing about somebody getting into Israel like that, but then you get some reports of people who did it. Lonely Planet Thorntree would be the place to check for the current practice.

My personal opinion is that it cannot hurt to try. Ask and it may happen, but be prepared that the Israeli officials might refuse and stamp your passport.

12. Posted by Sam2000 (Inactive 121 posts) 7y

Haha, thanks again for the replies!

I was in Egypt a couple of years ago in August, it stayed in the high 40's and even got into the 50's at one point. I travelled from Luxor down to Aswan then down to Abu Simbel then went back up via Esna, Edfu, Philae and other usual tourist spots. Was an incredible two weeks! But yes, hot, as you say, don't think I've drunk so much water in my life. Loved it though...I like temperature extremes....provided you're prepared for it.

I honestly didn't realise it was such a contentious issue and had been living in ignorance. This is why forums like this are useful.

I may just not take the risk, I don't have the money for any expensive last minute detours and really do not want to find myself in custody for whatever reason. I might go to Cairo and then hop across to Jordan and then back into Israel because that seems okay. I'll try and get in Syria at a later date/new passport.

Thanks very much again to you all :-).


13. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y

I might go to Cairo and then hop across to Jordan and then back into Israel because that seems okay. I'll try and get in Syria at a later date/new passport.

If that is your plan I suggest the following:

Fly in and out of Cairo. Go from Egypt to Jordan, but take the ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba. Do not go via Israel! Go to the Syrian-Jordanian border and try to get a visa there. If you get one it is fine, if you don't - well, you can just shrug it off.

After you have been to Syria or tried to get the visa to Syria at the border go back to Jordan. From Jordan you can then go to Israel. I recommend crossing at Eilat in the very south. Visit Israel, then go back to Cairo to catch your flight back home.

Note: If you enter Egypt from Israel overland and plan to go on to Cairo you need to get Egyptian visa from the consulate in Eilat. You cannot get a visa to Egypt at the border post, only an entry permit for the Sinai.

Getting the visa to Egypt is easy, you usually can get it on the same day. Plan to spent 1-3 days in Eilat to be on the safe side. Watch out for Friday/Saturday when everything is closed, if you are in Eilat during those days plan on 4 days to get the Egyptian visa.

Tip: the furthest point you can get with the entry permit to the Sinai is Sharm el-Sheikh airport. If you fly out of Sharm el-Sheikh back the UK you do not need to get a second visa to Egypt when you come back from Jordan or Israel.

14. Posted by JoMellGrou (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y

Hi Sam,
Try and delete your post stating that you have friends in strict Muslim countries who used to be Muslim. This might get them into trouble if you visit them or communicate with them. All Your posts online can be traced to connect them to you. I might sound crazy on this one. But I'd not mention something like that except to close friends I can trust with my life, because they might pay with their life.
No fear... just wisdom.

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