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Thailand train help?

Travel Forums Asia Thailand train help?

1. Posted by brigham (Budding Member, 19 posts) 23 Feb '10 12:33

Travelling down to Chumphon from Bangkok on the 21st as we have a ferry booked on the 22nd to Ko Tao, just wondering what would be the better thing to do? either

a) get the 13:00 train to Chumphon arriving at 21:00 and try find somewhere to stay the night before getting the ferry to koh tao next morning

b) 19:00 sleeper train with bed to chumphon which arrives at 03:40 am and then have to wait til 13:00 to get ferry

c) 22:50 train, no sleeper arriving at 5:47

2. Posted by tmmpl (Budding Member, 28 posts) 23 Feb '10 14:18

hi there, i just checked with Seat 61 there is a train from Hualamphong to Chumphon at 8am that arrives in Chumphon at 14.40, you could get this train then just get the ferry that day.

Hope that helps