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Aussie adventure Sept 2010

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71. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 6y

OMG I have just received notification that my visa has been accepted, so excited that this dream is now becoming reality, woohooo, yipppeee, cant wait to go now!!!! xx

72. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 6y

Gail that's fabulous news! I know how excited you are, i'm exactly the same!! The dream is soon to be reality woo hoo!! Next the flight girl xxx

73. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 6y

I know i really want to book the flight but cant decide on what date to book it for, have u made any decisons yet????

74. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 6y

I won't know for another couple of weeks whether i'm finishing work end june or end august so can't book yet but really want to go mid sept. Just concerned that if i get made redundant end june what will i do for 2 1/2 months with no job and no cash?? Don't want to start eating into the adventure fund as i've nicknamed it ha ha. Could go to oz in july i suppose but for some reason i'm sort of set on sept. My friend gets married on sept 11th and all my mates will be there so would be an ideal last get together before i fly off, plus i'm doing her hair and make up for the big day so i suspect she'd be none too pleased if i abandoned her ha. The flight i got quoted for was on the 13th sept and i think i may end up on it.... xx

75. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 6y

for them 2 1/2 months would you consider temping somewhere, even though it may not be what you want, at least you know it is not for ever and that you have something absolutley amazing waiting for you at the end of it,
at least then you could save your redundancy money and also have another 2 months wages on top to go with it.
Plus you can be there for the wedding, which is really important to you and for your friend to have u there.
I would hang in there for these last couple of weeks to see what is gonna happen at work, dont make any rash decisons even though i know it is really exciting, you need to make the decison which will be best for you in the long term.(listen to me i sound like ur mother lol )
13th sept does sound good though.

Have u had a chance to look at some insurance quotes, i have and the price ranges are all over the place, some are for about £100 some are £300 ( so confused... )


Ps.. only 193 sleeps to go if we fly on the 13 the sept xx

76. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 6y

Ha ha, i can't believe you know how many sleeps it is! 139 sounds like loads :-(. I'm not going to book anything yet but pretty sure i'll stick with sept. Like u say it's not too tricky to temp for a couple of months and save a bit more cash, plus i really want to go to the wedding. I've been thinking about insurance and i'm not even sure i'm going to bother with any. I mean my cash will be in the bank, i won't have anything of particular value with me, and won't be doing any crazy sports and stuff so not sure i need it?? Living there is just like living here right? I need to look at some insurance info really, see what cover you get cos it's not cheap is it? God, i'm so tight ha x

77. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 6y

I would defo check out the insurance, because say u had to ring for an ambulance and u dont have cover, they charge about £300 just to take you to the hospital, thats before any medical bills, they even charge u just to see the doctor thats without the treatment. which they say can be quite expensive, i guess it is better safe than sorry.
Im going to do some more checking and shopping around tomoz online and see if i can fiond a good deal, i will let you know if i find anything.

Going to bed now as i have Girl Flu ( Man flu x 2 ) and have an early start at work tomoz ( oh the joys )

Spk again with you tomoz,


78. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 6y

You're right, i would be silly not to get insurance. Let me know if u come across anything good. I'm working a very long day tomoro but will catch up with you when i drag myself home about nine ish. Get well soon, this time tomoro only 138 sleeps to go ha xx

79. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 6y

its a 193 sleeps to go lol, but wishful thinkin on your part, hope tomoz goes quickly for you xx

80. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 6y

Ha ha, can't believe i knocked two months off the sleeps! In my defence i was really tired..........x

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