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Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina - indigenous homestay?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina - indigenous homestay?

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Ive got the bug-ever since I bought my tickets I have not been able to stop thinking about/planning for my upcoming trip. I fly into Quito the 5th of July and out of Buenos Aires the 29th of August. I know that this is not much time, especially with all of the awesome things to do and see in these countries, but its what Ive got! Ill be spending around ten days each in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, then a month in Argentina. I have traveled to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, and China when I was in my teens, each time learning and trying to immerse myself in the culture. A big part of these trips that I went on was the chance to stay with the locals, usually in a remote village in the middle of nowhere. I want to do this again in one of these countries that I am visiting, Im thinking of spending at least 5 days somewhere remote like that. My problem is that I don't know where to go to find info about this. Does anyone know of any tribes (preferably in the remote Amazon) that do/would do this? Im a student, so my budget is pretty low, Im thinking $1000-1500 for the whole trip (will be staying/eating with friends for about 3 weeks in Argentina). Ive lived in Argentina for two years, so I know that culture and speak fluent castellano. I know that most tribes speak Quichua or K'che, should I be studying up on those languages, or just jump in? Im really interested in getting off the beaten path and doing everything in the most non-gringo way possible, any suggestions on how to do this are very welcome. I want to make the most of the time Ive got in these countries, and if I find something that really interests me I will probably stay for longer than planned-Im flexible.

Also does anyone have a reccomendation for a good surfing spot? Ive heard that southern Peru is good that time of year.

How about trekking/summiting some good mountains? Anyone know of any good climbs that arent too expensive?

Anyone done any white water rafting of note? Where is best/most economical?

Anyone done the Machu Picchu rail trail, like it reccomends in the wiki/travelindependent? I really want to do this but dont know what the area will be like in mid July.

Im sitting here with a stack of guidebooks and doing a lot of research, anyone have any general reccomendations/must see/must do/awesome suggestions?



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tribes in the Amazon will most definitely NOT speak Quechua...

I don't about Latin America, but to my knowledge, the kind of homestay you're looking for does not exist in South America. Most indigenous populations are either culturally integrated in 'western civilisation' or live in total isolation of it, in which case it would be highly immoral to bother them (that is, assuming you would get a chance to reach them. You won't).

What you could do, is try to find a place to stay in a 'normal' remote village. That shouldn't be too hard: countless NGOs are actively involved in local development in SA, and some of them offer homestays as part of their own work. These don't come cheap, though. Your budget will definitely not reach.

Another possibility is WWOOFing. I seem to recall there's a fair number of WWOOF partners in SA.

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You could stay with the Mentawi

See what Leap Local has to offer.

I used to have more bookmarked but lost them in a crash-still a simple Google search brings up dozens of possibilities-some no doubt more suitable than others.