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Travellers chq's/currency/debit card for 3 mnths in asia?

Travel Forums Asia Travellers chq's/currency/debit card for 3 mnths in asia?

1. Posted by vix (Inactive 31 posts) 12y

Hi all,

My mate and I are going to be in thailand/laos/vietnam/cambodia for 3 months beginning January and we dont have a clue what to do about money. Obviously its not a plan to carry lots of cash around but ive heard atm's are far and few between in cambodia for example...but will travellers cheques be ok?

I just dont have a clue! Can anyone shed any light?

cheers vix

p.s anyone gonna be in bangkok for new year and fancy meeting up for some drinks?! Love the idea of celebrating new year twice this year! (chinese and western!)

2. Posted by louloul (Full Member 75 posts) 12y

well i can give you a little advice based on the reading i have done personally. From what i hear ATMs are the way to go in most places. What i will be doing is going to the atm before leaving any airports i may be passing through. I think in most major cities i.e Bangkok, Ho chi minh etc you will be fine in locating an atm.
I have also read that cambodia is not good on the atm front although im sure they can be located in major places like phom penn and siem reap, but what i will be taking is lots of US dollars in small denominations e.g. $1 and $5 dollar notes. Ypu can obviously take some travellers cheques in US dollars so that you can exchange them in banks but with a small commission.

Hope some of this helps. If anyone else can shed any more light on the same topic id like some more advice about this myself.

3. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru 1696 posts) 12y

So, if its not an obvious question - are travellers cheques in US Dollars the best sort?

4. Posted by louloul (Full Member 75 posts) 12y

Yeah from what i have heard, if you are gonna bother with travellers cheques at all, its best to get them in US dollars. Lots of people say they dont bother with travellers cheques and im not even sure i will now. I think the only positive thing about travellers cheques is that you can note the number and have them replaced (unlike cash if this is stolen). The key thing with cash is only carry what you need at any one time. Dont carry more than is necessary.