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RTW trip in 3 weeks - confused about how to carry my money?!

Travel Forums General Talk RTW trip in 3 weeks - confused about how to carry my money?!

1. Posted by roxy85 (Budding Member 30 posts) 6y

Hi all

Well i cant believe my trip is only 3 weeks away! Time has flown and now i am starting to worry about how to carry my money around, and what forms of payment to take!

I am starting off in Thailand, then going to be travelling around Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, then back to Thailand (approx 3 months) and then on to Australia.

Im really confused as to what is the best way to carry money around, i really dont want to risk losing it all after saving so hard for it!

I was thinking of the following:

Nationwide cash card - for cash withdrawals
Abbey debit card - for online purchases such as hostels as there will be a charge on withdrawals or other card transactions
Virgin credit card - for online purchases (poss in place of debit card) and emergencies as this will also have a charge on withdrawals or other card transactions

And then I will also carry some cash on me but minimal amounts only, and this includes some US dollars for use in Laos/Cambodia.

I was also thinking of using a bank account that i have no card access to while away, only online access, which will hold most of my funds and i will use that to feed the other cards, while keeping the amount of money in the other accounts at a minimum in case of loss/theft.

Sorry for the long-winded email but i would really appreciate any tips or advice on this, i am sooo confused at the moment!!!! but equally very excited!!!

Thanks in advance!

Steph xx

2. Posted by VanessaJ (Inactive 3 posts) 6y


I think your money plan sounds good!

Nationwide's Flexaccount card is good for ATM withdrawals worldwide - jsut make sure you leave enough time to apply for the bank account!
Santander's Zero credit card is also really good for purchases abroad as you don't pay any fees- jsut don't withdraw cash from an ATM on it or you will pay loads in interest!
If you want a third card, why not take a prepaid currency card? I think they are great as you have all the convenience of a card but you don't pay a commission fee on purchases. ICE and Caxton both do a GBP card, so you can use it everywhere and you get good exchange rates when you pay for purchases abroad. It could be a useful back up option! -snip-

I don't know if you need the separate bank account while you are away, it's not somehting I have ever done. But, if you are good at keeping track of your money and don't mind going into internet cafe's to access your bank account every few weeks then why not! It would be worth it if someone does steal your card!

Hope that helps and have a fabulous trip!

[ Edit: Sorry, no promos please. ]

3. Posted by roxy85 (Budding Member 30 posts) 6y

Ok thanks for your help Vanessa!

I already have a Nationwide Flexaccount so thats no problem :)

Ive thought about the pre-paid currency cards, but i heard there are hidden costs so i wasnt too sure! Will definately check them out though.

Thanks again xx