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1. Posted by DaveG (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Ive been thinking about travelling through Europe on a rough path in this order:

Fly to Rome>Milan>Munich>Prague>Berlin>Amsterdam (where I can get a flight or boat back to the UK)

Obviously this is a lose plan and I'd be willing to deviate as the road takes me...

Anyways I came here to ask some experience travellers for some advice/info:

I havent thought about this completely seriously on a financial level, but I am trying to get an Idea of how much you think this would cost me (not including flights) This may be an unanswerable question, but If I could get a rought figure that would be great. I plan to travel very light, stayin in hostels, budget hotels etc and travelling by trains, busses etc.

Would I be better off booking all long journeys in advance or just going with the flow...I like the idea of seeing where the road takes me and moving location as I feel, but I realise this couldbe expensive.

Any advice or technicalites etc that could come about on such a journey would be appreciated.

Many thanks

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Your initiary is quite sound and makes sense. The only thing I would change is Milan - I would stay in Florence, Bologna and or Venice instead.

I'd say that you need roughly 1500-2700 pounds for this trip, travelling for 3-4 weeks. If you want to have a bit of fun and some comfort you are looking at about 70 pounds a day, 55 pounds per day would be the bare minimum.

Flights from the UK to Rome and from Amsterdam to the UK are not that expensive. I think you won't be spending more than 100-200 pounds, depending upon the season and where you depart from.

To calculate costs more accurately:

  • Budget around 35 EUR per day for essential costs such as a hostel bed, food from the supermarket and some public transport tickets.

  • Go to the relevant websites and look up the prices for the individual legs of your journey:

  • Compare the prices of the train tickets with the prices for the Interrail passes:

  • Look up flights on

Add everything together and you have a fairly accurate guess at the minimum of cash you need. Then add around 20-50 EUR for every travel day for partying, bungee-jumping, wildriver-rafting, entry fees to sights, etc.

Would I be better off booking all long journeys in advance

If you are tight on money - yes. There are significant discounts available if you book online in advance, especially with all the legs of your trip that touch Germany.

But if you want to go with the flow without worrying about money the interrail pass might be a good idea to have. Just keep an eye on the additional fees, they can add up.

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4. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

your plan sounds nice, except you r planning to cover big distances = that means additional money and time in the way. If I'd b you - i'll make the path shorter and stay in places for longer, travelling around.
Yes, booking for advance should be cheaper, but i'd not do it anyway.
Ability to change or correct plans in the way - it's great thing.
BTW, Buses usually cheaper then trains.
Italy and Amsterdam are quite expensive (not in comparation to London! ;))
Germany (and Austria) a bit cheaper.
Czech - very cheap food, transport should be not expensive too, accomodation - pretty same like others, i think.
Budget travel in Europe costs about 50EU/day (includes all).

I'd spend more time in Italy, visiting at least 3 places. With or without visiting Rome, try to spend more time in Tuscany & Umbria areas. Florence is out of competition, but there r every little town or vilage is a brilliant! Milan can be missed, it's big industrial city - much to do there as well, but not into the list of 10 best of Italy. If you havent' been yet in Venice - it's kind of must, but 1) have to b good weather! 2) terribly expensive!

then, in the way from Italy you have South Tirol - stunning nature and good food!!!
It can be with few stops in North Italy or Austria or Germany - depends of time and budget limitations.
Here you can go to Prague via Munich or/and Vienna - which gorgeous.

Prague is iconic, if you have time then also Český Krumlov (small place, but very attractive)
Berlin & Amsterdam - both great.