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Where to eat the best chocolate?

Travel Forums General Talk Where to eat the best chocolate?


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31. Posted by chrisvasil (Respected Member 102 posts) 6y

Swiss and Belgian are great, even store brands

32. Posted by chrisvasil (Respected Member 102 posts) 6y

Quoting waranty777

Dear all,

Does anyone try chocalate from different places when you travel?
I really love to eat chocolate and I'd like to know where to go for special cholate.
Please give me some suggestion, thanks!


33. Posted by wrist (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

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There is a fantastic shop in the win region of Franschhoek, Cape Town (South Africa) where you can phone ahead to make an appointment to mould chocolate into any shape and size that you could possibly imagine.

As being a chocolate addicted I have to go there!!!

I think belgian, swiss, german, danish and turkish chocolates are really good.

34. Posted by harissa (Budding Member 38 posts) 6y



Expensive but worth it! Apologies if you have to cut and paste the link. For some reason I'm having trouble with links on this site.

35. Posted by emilyemily (Budding Member 82 posts) 6y

Thanks, Harissa!! Great link, only now I've drooled all over my keyboard And you're right.. they are expensive! Getting a box of Neuhaus chocolates looks like it'll set me back over $6o thanks to cross-Atlantic shipping! Guess I'll have to ask for my birthday..

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37. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 6y

My opinion:

Kinderschokolade and anything Kinder sucks. It is horribly sweet and most of that chocolate isn't actually chocolate but some sort of milk cream thingy. Bah. This is one German product I am not proud of.

German chocolates that are much better are Ritter Sport and Lindt. Milka is also good, but for me they are too sweet.

But my true favourite is Rausch. They come from a small manufactury in Berlin, their speciality is chocolate where the cocoa comes from one plantage only. (Just like wine from a special wineyard.) I am a big fan of their Puerto Caballo 43% dark milk chocolate.

BTW, here in Germany you can get a lot of flavours in your chocolate. Cracked Red Pepper in dark chocolate or chili with dark chocolate has almost become standard. My absolute favourite of the flavoured chocolates is "Intense Orange" followed by "Intense Pear". Both are by Lindt.

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38. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 6y

How would I explain Russian chocolad?
First of all they are proud of it and say that chocolad abroad (of Russia) tastes like a soap (!). Second - plain Russian chocolad has "cheapy" taste, kinda "someting sweet". Strange "side effects" taste probably because of sorts of cacao, sugar and technlogy. There are some kinds that supposed to be high quality - usually dark bitter chocolad. I only may tell dat it's nt sofisticated and not texture as it expected to be.

I can add to the list Polish chocolad - it's between Russian and German, they trying hard to make it interesting - huge variety of fillings, bt chcolad itself is so-so.

My favorite Belgian is "Neuhaus".

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Quoting vanessa

no any doubt Belgian is the best. If u travel in Belgium - dare to enter chocolad museums.
But even im Belgium - there are different mmm.. how i say "categories" of chocolad.
from something plain to real art of chocolad.
The second place probably would be Swiss.
Actually, every country (almost?) makes own chocolad.
Italian is pretty good as well, some sorts of Austrian and French are great,
German is simple (and inexpensive), can't remember taste of Spanish and British - seems that they didnt impress me.
Russian is strange if u don't use to this taste.
Latvia - traditions of dark very bitter chocolad.
Israel - plain chocolad from supermarket is ok, but there r lots of chocolad-butiques - kinda hand-made, expensive, but good enough ans many original combinations.
North American - not eatable (sorry!)
underline... for chocolad go Belgium.

It seems like you've tasted a great amont chocolate over Europe! I am kind of interested in Russian chocolate. How strange is it? Is it sour? Does it smell bad? Does it add something special? I heard somewhere in Africa produce sour chocolate. I can imagine that, but I can't figure out the Russian type.
For North American chocolate...I'm with you!

39. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 6y


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Expensive but worth it! Apologies if you have to cut and paste the link. For some reason I'm having trouble with links on this site.

40. Posted by TravelSina (Budding Member 15 posts) 6y

I totally agree. It is definitely Belgium to go for if you'd like to have really good chocolate. Switzerland would be my second choice :)