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1. Posted by HaadRinGuide (Travel Guru 542 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I visited Borneo a few years ago and really liked it so I'm thinking of going back. I pretty much went to most places in Sabah, and also went to Brunei and the East of Sarawak, i.e. Mulu and Miri.

So that pretty much leaves the West side of Sarawak. I'm thinking of booking a flight to Kuching and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for what to do in West Sarawak. Are there any good treks anyone would recommend? And also maybe the chance to see a bit of wildlife? Maybe also a homestay?

How long would you say is a good length of time to stay given that I'd like to maybe take in a bit of trekking, see a national park, maybe some wildlife, do a homestay, and also have a couple of lazy days and also visit anything else that anyone recommends?

Any general advice regarding Kuching and West Sarawak would also be greatly appreciated.


2. Posted by danalasta (Respected Member 519 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


In West Sarawak, you can focus on Bau & Serikin - lots to see and experience: trekking, homestay, lifestyle,etc

Bau is about 22km from Kuching (southwest), and reachable by bus. Homestay in Bau is a new thing and promoted by Bau District Office and Bau Tourism and Homestay Agency (BTHA) and coordinated by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism (MUDT).

1. Kampung Pueh Bidayuh Salako Homestay
2. Kampung Belimbing homestay, (the only Muslim Bidayuh village)
3. Kampung Anna Rais And Sarawak Cultural Village

Places to visit in Bau ( this historic town grew as a gold mining centre with Chinese immigrants; life is slow paced, and quite scenic with mountains as back drop )
1. Mount Singai (located between Bau & Matang area, this place has a Catholic memorial & pilgrimage centre, usually crowded on Sunday morning)
2. Fairy Cave (so-called because of a stalagmite structure at its entrance, which is said to resemble Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy.
3.The Wind Cave is named for the constant cooling breeze, which blows through it.
4.Jong’s Crocodile Farm (over 1,000 of these fearsome predators are bred in a 3 ½ acre complex)

Serikin sits on the Sarawak-Kalimantan border.Almost identical to Bukit Kayu Hitam or Sg. Golok border markets.
Known as "rat route" town ( because of widespread smuggling!), here you can see Kalimantan Indonesians from neighbouring villages, who cross the border on a Friday night and leave on a Sunday afternoon, selling their cheap goods & products to Malaysians. But the weekend market's future is hanging on the balance due to security reasons. Smuggling is kind of a way of life here, with sleazy night life on weekends!

If you want further details, please PM...I could put you on to a friend who is a Bidayuh lecturer with Unimas and hails from Bau.


3. Posted by HaadRinGuide (Travel Guru 542 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi, Bau sounds quite interesting. Caves and mountains are the sort of thing I'm looking for.

I've done a bit of research since my original post, and Bako National Park and Semenggoh seem to be the most coomon options from Kuching, so it's good to hear of a few extra options.

I'm just looking for ideas at this stage, but cheers for the tips.