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Best way to drive from Minnesota to Ottawa?

Travel Forums North America Best way to drive from Minnesota to Ottawa?

1. Posted by tamar (Full Member 58 posts) 12y

tamar has indicated that this thread is about USA

Hi All!

Just wondering whether anyone could shed some light on the best way to drive from Northern Minnesota into Canada....I assume that Ottawa would be the closest over the border, but i could be wrong!

Any suggestions or tips to cover the terrain would be great!

Thanks, Tam

2. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y

Yes, you could be wrong ;) Ottawa is a very long way from Minnesota, to be sure.

You don't really say where you are going in Canada, which makes it difficult to assess the best way to get there. The quickest way into Canada is to just drive north in Minnesota and you will hit the Canadian border with either Ontario or Manitoba. However, unless you are going to Winnipeg, that probably isn't the best place to go.

Where are you headed to?

3. Posted by tamar (Full Member 58 posts) 12y

Thanks for setting me straight there Greg!

Well how bizarre. Heading up to Lake Superior for the night, so thought that my partner and I could head to Canada the next day....Doesn't really matter where in Canada to be honest!

Australians definitely have a fixation with the country in general! Any suggestions of anywhere within a few hours drive that would be amazing to see?

4. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1998 posts) 12y

Presuming that you are spending the night in Duluth (the largest city in Minnesota that is on Lake Superior), the directions to go to Thunder Bay (the closest big city in Canada) are as follows:

Go northeast on Minnesota highway-61 for 150 miles (250 kilometres), then cross into Canada and go northeast on provincial highway 61 for 38 miles (65 kilometres) to trans-canada Highway 17/provincial highway 11. From here go northeast on trans-canada 17/provincial highway 11 for 6 miles (10 kilometres).

Keep in mind that if you are planning to do this in winter you are likely to get major snow storms in this area at any time with temperatures likely to be at 10 below zero celcius. So, I hope this is a summer trip you have planned.


5. Posted by tamar (Full Member 58 posts) 12y

Thunder Bay....Excellent...Will have a look at research things there!

Thanks so much!