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1. Posted by hellosweet (Budding Member 26 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi all

Looking for some advice from people who have backpacked around Sweden and Norway. I am looking to go mid August for around 3 weeks. I know its expensive but how expensive?? I´m not worried about flights or accommodation as I have found cheap flights and will be staying with friends for free but how much should I budget for spending money?

I´m not planning to go to many museums or go shopping but really just money for food, going out to clubs, alcohol and transport.

I currently live in Madrid and it costs around 10 euros for a spirit in a club which to me is expensive in comparison to the UK but here you get a lot more of the spirit for that price so it evens out. Whats the situation over there?

Thanks for you help!

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I worked and travelled around Norway for a year and a half in 2008-2009. It is expensive - the reputation there is deserved. The currency is so strong and wages so high it can be tough for travellers. However, as always one can find the right places and/or the right people and not spend so much and have a very good time... the place is absolutely stunning in many parts, make sure you balance the clubbing with nature tours. It will pay off.

Where are you headed? I lived mainly in Trondheim but spent time in Oslo, Stavangar, Lofoten and several other places further in the north... anywhere you want to know about in particular? Maybe i can give some tips on places to check out

10 euro for a drink is steep, expect to pay about the same for spirits in Norway, however you almost always only get 4cl (40ml) in a drink (by law). A straight up spirit and mixer will set you back about 8-9 euro, a decent cocktail around 10-14. A pint of beer ranges from 35kr to 80kr depending on the place, and i found the average to be about 50-60kr. If you want some drinks before hitting a club, always head where the students are for cheapest prices for warm-up drinks. But if you are staying with friends, they probably already know whats what.

Food can be expensive in grocery stores, but many items are not so much different to the UK really. And you really want to be selective when dining out - meals are always expensive but not so often good. Again it depends where you are visiting though.

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I am Norwegian know first hand how expensive this country is.
You should expect to pay at least 80 kroner for a drink, but probably a bit more. And you will never get more (or less) than 4 cl, it is illegal to serve more. You can allways find cheap places where you can get a beer (draought) for as low as 30 kroner, but you should expect more like 60.

So if you are out to save money, do not buy drinks where you are out, stick to beer. And do like most norwegians, drink a lot before you go out on the town.
In the Norwegian licquor store, Vinmonopolet (the Wine Monopoly), spirits are a lot cheaper than on the town (though expensive compared to every other country I have been to). The cheapest vodka starts on about 230 kroner for 0,7 litre.

To give you an example on how expensive things can be; About a month ago I was in Oslo, and had one night out where we didn´t start to drink at home. We went to a resturant, where we ate and drank whine. Then we headed to some bars (not the cheap ones) and drank drinks. I ended up spending about 2000 kroner on one night. But you can easyli get away with about 500 if you start drinking before you hit the town.

Sweeden is a lot cheaper though. Prices seems to be about 10-15 percent less, but you must also take into account that the Swedish Krone is worth about 20 percent less than the Norwegian one.

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