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1. Posted by louloul (Full Member 75 posts) 12y

im a tiny bit confused. Will i need to apply for a china visa before arrival or can it be done at the border? Also will i need a seperate visa for Hong Kong to the mainland one?

Any help and advice would be great>


2. Posted by travelem (Full Member 117 posts) 12y

Most can go to HK without a visa ahead. British get 6-month tourist visa on arrival and Americans can have 3-month visa on arrival.

You need a China visa though it is easy to get in HK.

3. Posted by louloul (Full Member 75 posts) 12y

so just so i know....i can get a Hong kong visa on arrival but will need to apply for the china one whilst there.Correct?

Can i apply for this whilst in Bangkok and will i have to give a definate date upon entry? I have also heard you can only get a 1 month visa into china and its difficult to extend. Is it? and how?

Cheers for any help you can all offer.


4. Posted by travelem (Full Member 117 posts) 12y

You can also apply the China visa in BKK. No need to give exact enter date to China.

5. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 12y


It's easy to get a single or double-entry 30 day "L" tourist visa for China in the neighbouring Asian countries. There's even a Chinese consulate in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand as well as the embassy in Bangkok. If you want a 60 day visa, you should have to apply in one of the developed countries, such as the UK. Normally you have up to three months to enter China from the date of issue of the visa.

There's no problem at all in extending a tourist visa for another 30 days once in China. The extension can be processed on the spot through the Public Security Branch (PSB)of the Chinese police for 160 yuan / $US20.

Good luck !!! :)

6. Posted by brunohk (Budding Member 16 posts) 12y

Tourist visa for Mainland (China)need 1 photo

Different Visas needs a totally different time and cost.

Ordinary: 2 working days
Urgent : 1 working days
Premiere Urgent: the same working day

And once, double entry per person or multiple entries for 6 or 12 months per person

Shoestring travel ltd
4/Floor Alpha house
Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
tel [852] 2723 2306
fax [852] 2721 2085

Japan Travel Bureau ltd
Suites 701, 710-716, 7th Floor
Wharf T & T Centre
7 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
tel [852] 2734 9333
fax [852] 2722 7300

You could get a 5 days visa for *** Shenzhen only *** at the Lo Wu border crossing.
The office (one floor higher) is clearly visible on the left before you line up to begin immigration into China
Prices now vary by nationality ±180 HK$. Take one photograph
[UK/USA passport holder cannot get visas at the Lo Wu border since August 2004]