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Accommodation in Buenos Aires??

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Accommodation in Buenos Aires??

1. Posted by Kingwindle (Respected Member 302 posts) 12y

Just some basic questions.
Got my accommodation sorted for a couple of days when I arrive, but after that, from all of your experience, where would you reccommend I stayed after that??

I'm, going to try and travel medium-cheap so can you reccommend some good hostels and prices that I should be roughly paying. You can read it in a book but just wanted advice form people that have actually been there and done it!!

Thanks, Tarik

2. Posted by urbancow (Full Member 47 posts) 12y

I stayed at the Milhouse hostel for part of the time i was in BA. It's a gigantic place with lots of people. Met alot of cool people and it has a pretty good location. The staff is helpful about organizing soccer (excuse me, football) games along with other trips. I cant remember how much i was, but it wasnt expensive (at the time)--not sure about now. You should google them--im sure they have a website.

3. Posted by cookieyum (Inactive 75 posts) 12y

We stayed in the hostel inn in san telmo for 2 nights and in my opinion it's the funkiest area of buenos aires. But as two girls we didn't feel completely safe walking back there at night so we spent the rest of the week in the really popular v&s hostel which is very central,2 mins walk from a very main street with a great mall. The v&s rooms are really clean and comfortable, the staff are great, it's not too big and we met some lovely people. Our friend was staying at the milhouse which is also really central but it was so big that i thought it felt a bit impersonal but it does seem to organise loads of tours...Have a great time, it's a beautiful city.:)

4. Posted by donlee23 (Full Member 34 posts) 12y

Go to the "South America for Vistors" forums on then register for free to get on the forum then view "robertoingle" 's threads (English and Spanish) on Travel and lodgings in all of Argentina including photos. roberto is a good friend. Native of Argentina. More info. on Argentina than you will ever need.

5. Posted by huntdaisy1 (Full Member 66 posts) 12y

stay in Che Lagarto - on venezuala (street) crossing with Piedra (street) in san telmo area - best hostel i have ever stayed in! Has a bar downstairs where you get half price drinks. Really friendly staff - staying there at the moment and it is absolutely wicked - i think it is about number 857 venezuala not positive but on the crossing of the streets i just said. when are you getting here? I think it is pretty booked for new year but after that should be fine.

6. Posted by huntdaisy1 (Full Member 66 posts) 12y

sorry just to say it costs about 8us dollars a night but definately worth it - you get a yummy breakfast and rooms are cleaned everyday etc

7. Posted by Kingwindle (Respected Member 302 posts) 12y

sounbds brilliant, its really good to hear actual responses from people actually doing it and are there, thanks again!! Tarik