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WHV Sept2010 12 months Oz anybody want to come with me?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific WHV Sept2010 12 months Oz anybody want to come with me?


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1. Posted by anna-lilly (Inactive 7 posts) 6y


I am 23 year old girl, I am British, but haved lived in France and Canada. I am finishing a masters in law.

In September 2010 I am going to Australia for 12 months under the working holiday visa, I want to work my way around the country and get in some travelling in Oz, NZ and Asia.

I am looking for anybody going to Australia at the same time and who is looking for a travel buddy!

2. Posted by Gail80 (Full Member 99 posts) 6y


Myself and Lou who have been chatting on here recently are going In september, see the post Aussie Adventure 2010, if you would like to join in with us!!

3. Posted by Sarah_Ang (Budding Member 9 posts) 6y

I'm planning a similar trip leaving Canada tho for Oz/New Zealand/etc on WHV for 12 months or so. Possibly see you along the way? :)

4. Posted by fferg (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y

Hi there!

I am also going to Australia for 12 months on my tod in Sept! I am doing the Ozinto week on 21st September, I am looking for a buddy to travel around Australia with. I will be getting a WHV so i can top up my travelling funds as I go! I'm 22 year old girl from Scotland, feel free to send me and email if your still looking for someone to travel with :)

Thanks xx

5. Posted by W33WILS (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y

Hello everyone...

I'm heading into Oz at the end of September too. At the moment, my plan is to be there (travelling east coast Cairns - Melbourne) for about 6 - 8 weeks but this could all change (depending on work as they've given me 4 month off but i have alot to squeeze in).

Be great to have some travel buddies before i go.

I'm also from Scotland, 23 years old, outgoing and desperate to get out of here!! ;-)

6. Posted by Joeyp (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y


Seems like there's a few going in September, i am as well :) Me and my mate have a booked a one ticket out of crappy England on the 1st to Sydney then work our way up the east coast.

Cant wait to get out there, the days seem to be going slower and slower though! :(.

Where abouts are you all starting off in oz?

7. Posted by anna-lilly (Inactive 7 posts) 6y

Thanks for the last few messages - I will reply to you all personally!


8. Posted by SJL99 (Budding Member 12 posts) 6y

Hi Everyone!!!

There does seem to be a lot of people heading over to OZ in September!

My mate and me are travelling round SE Asia from 2nd June and then fly to Cairns from Singapore on the 30th September. Really cannot wait!

Joey, I know what you mean about the days getting longer...but you will be on the flight before too long and like you said get out of England for a year, or more hopefully ;-)

For all you single travellers, good luck finding travel partners etc, everyone seems to be up for the same things so shouldnt be a problem and a good crack on the way...if anyone is up for meeting in OZ at some point then would be great...will keep tabs on this thread!

9. Posted by Happy_Days (Inactive 36 posts) 6y


I'm also going in September on my own, for up to 12 months i guess. My plans aren't too fixed, just want to travel, work, travel some more. Starting in Sydney though.

10. Posted by razzaefc (Budding Member 109 posts) 6y

hey all,im 23 m from liverpool. im going to asia first but i will be on oz from december,i no its a big place.but may be i could meet up with a few of you when i get there,

is anyone planning on being in sydney for new year?