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Life after WHV in UK

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1. Posted by taigra (Budding Member 72 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

finally i am living in malaysian time now after a week ++ of jet-lag...
i actually wanted to start this thread before leaving london to find out what others been doing or how we to survive the weather, public transport and the good food back home. so all you wonderful people from TPers UK Working Holidaymaker Visa from Malaysia pls share your experiences and life after whv here...
i am now composing mine, hopefully will post it by next monday.
but i like to thank everyone who posted in the previous link esp HIEN, for their kind advices from application to finally settle down in UK
p/s sorry if someone has already posted this topic but i can't find any thread on TP, if there is any kindly link me pls

2. Posted by marc_us82 (Budding Member 18 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

It's good to learn that many have benefited from this experience in the UK for two years, i know i had! I left in June last year and right now studying in Sweden for another two years. It's been great traveling and backpacking for the past three years, and it's now time to get serious again and get some education done. I went to New Zealand for a year and another half a year in Australia, will stay in Sweden for the next two years.

so about the experience, pretty much i must say i truly enjoyed it. I am one sociable person so i love hanging out with the foreigners. My routine involved six weeks of working and then followed by two months of traveling, and that's a good ratio if you asked me! I have done most of western europe and ive been to germany five times now! My did budget traveling for the most part and often just crashed at friends place, ppl ive met when i was in NZ or London. Was in Spain one whole month and had my two best spanish friends driving me around the country, it was absolutely amazing.

As for tourist trap, i must say that im also a victim. Did the Venice carnival, st.patrick in Ireland, October fest in Munich, that kinda thing.

my greatest joy is obviously not the seeing of many places, but the valuable friendships all around the world!

would love to hear more of your stories...dont bother sharing tho if you are only there working the entire time, not interested to know what your working life is like...


3. Posted by taigra (Budding Member 72 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Quoting marc_us82

my greatest joy is obviously not the seeing of many places, but the valuable friendships all around the world!

i do agree with you that we can really make a lot friends from around the world in uk. most of my time in london i live in a hostel where there are lots of travelers from around the world and summer job-seekers&students from the EU.
though i am not a sociable person like you but after living under one roof for a couple of days i am able to befriend with other 'housemates' eventually. i really miss the countless parties we had during the summers. almost every other day, we share our dinner which we took turn to make. i can't say i had tasted the best european cuisine but these are the homecook food that ppl eat everyday back home. during these dinners we chat about everything. this is how i learn about the people and cultural.

4. Posted by kila_kila (Budding Member 36 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


would love to hear more of your stories...dont bother sharing tho if you are only there working the entire time, not interested to know what your working life is like...

well i think it's nothing wrong to share the working experiences here as well as this is 'Working' holiday thread. I believe lot of applicants fully spent one year working in UK and then few months touring around the Europe, some even spent two years working and then travel. nothing wrong with that but it's the matter fully used up this golden chance to fill up ur wallet and enrich ur travel experience and i don't mind to say i am the one who worked for 2 years, lol

to work here, it's more like learning UK in the cultural way, get to know the locals living style, tradition and attitute. to travel around, it's more like learning the architecture, history and landscape. Overall it was a very educational trip to me. But if you came here for its clubs and shopping scene then it will be a different story to tell.

and the life after whv in usual ...complaints about the weather and air quality here easily heard. it took me a while to get to used to the local talking style as i also mix a lot with foreigners when i were in UK. the humours i learnt in UK are not really understandable here, haha. everybody thought u're rich when u back from oversea expecting you to treat for a dinner but they dun really know the euro trip and living expenses there also cost a lot, lol Used a lot of publich transport in UK but overhere the traffic and driving habits is a nightmare pls pls pls my malaysia government pls improve the basic infrastructure and living standard first before think to build more giant shoping complex and world 'est'. We need more museums, science centres, greenery for the children but not teaching them how to shopping??
the good things back here is family and foods out of doubt. i am not sure about the sun as i always prefer colder and drier weather.

5. Posted by marc_us82 (Budding Member 18 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

It's definitely nothing wrong to be working the entire two years, except like you said it yourself, the purpose of a WHV is first for the traveling experience rather than a working one, and i guess they took that privilege away just for that sole reason of people misunderstanding the concept.

and traveling doesn't mean a two-week eurotrip trying to squeeze in as many capital cities as you can within that time frame. And the visa shouldnt be treated as a get-rich scheme to bring back the pounds, so your friends shouldnt be expecting that you have saved enough money for that dinner parties, if anything, one should be poorer than before they took off to the UK, i know i am!

again, different people have different expectations and ideologies, and no one's here to judge, but i must say I am glad that the visa is no longer in practice as I would hate for us to be labeled one of those desperate countries.

and I'm eager to hear the backpacking experience from those of you who did it, or doing it right now! Spring is here so let's get out there for that cultural exchange!


6. Posted by vanessalin (Budding Member 33 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi People,

I will post my reply soon, my visa will end on early January 2011, few more months to go :P

A suggestion: member if you can share your whole 2 years journey where have you been, move; work; study or meeting future husband please share. As I find that it is important to keep as a record for the future reference if the WHM reopen to Malaysian again. Our senior will have a smarter route:)

7. Posted by katopunk (Budding Member 34 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

This maybe off topic but, I beg to differ. It's life after UK WHM/WHV. Returning back to the UK. ;)

From working holiday visa lead to employment permit sponsorship. I was wondering is anyone of you guys have been sponsored by your employer in the UK? My employer said that he is going to sponsor me. I am working in the catering industry being a Japanese cuisine cook.

As far as I know I have already gone through most of the pages in UKBA website. So I have some idea how this thing is going on. And I can tell you, it is really really strict nowadays. And also I don't know when, but I heard or read The Star about some people from the UK WHM returning to Malaysia to apply for new work permit was refused and their stuffs like personal belongings tv, notebook and etc in the UK are stranded there.

Can you please share your experience? Like what are the steps taken and etc.

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9. Posted by skitzy (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hello peeps,

I was browsing around Travellerspoint and saw the thread thought I should share some of my experiences while I was in UK on WHM.
I've been back for about 4 months now, had the time of my life while I was in UK. I must say I was lucky to get a job within my accounting line which helps alot to fund my travelling expenses.

I'm not so much a sociable person but manage to make few good friends which we're still keep intouch,thanks to Facebook and smartphones!
Was in UK for about 18 months and travelled to 12 different countries including Africa. The experienced was nothing close to my imaginations. Some of my local friends, were surprised why do I want to do everything in one breath, its because I have limited time, and still I have not set a foot in Prague..darn...

What I miss most about living in UK is the access to the European countries on budgeted fund,walking miles and miles without getting sweat, how friendly and helpful the people there,they don't bother how you look like,or the way you dress up or your accent,local titbits- chocolates, Walkers and butterkiss and most of all carboot sale during summer. I manage to get good souvenirs for family and friends :)

It was quite an adjustment I have to make since I'm back especially the weather and traffic! I just couldn't believe how I can keep up with the traffic before I left to UK. Stuck at same spot for 2 hours especially on rainy days!! It was nice to be back and I'm planning my next adventure to Australia, hope it will go as plan...