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Traveling tips for london?

Travel Forums Europe Traveling tips for london?

1. Posted by asbnTravel (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone,

I am traveling out of my country first time. I am going to London for some business reasons. Before going i would need some inputs from you. My total tenure going to be 3 months in london so please give inputs accordingly.

1. Packing list. what to carry and what not to carry?
2. Things to remember while traveling to London?
3. Food in London? I am veggie so can any one let me know about the good veggie hotels in London?:(
4. What is the cost of indian food in London? Is it costly? can any one tell good and cheap Indian restaurants in London?
5. What is the cost of local food in London?
6. Any other info if you think will be good for me.
7. Medical facilities in London
8. Info about good hotels in London.
9. Clothing to carry. I am expected to fly during warm season may-august.

I expect inputs from all of you. Please help

Thanks in advance

2. Posted by Sam2000 (Inactive 121 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

1) Anything you'd carry on a normal travelling trip. They are paranoid about things like knives and weapons and things that can be interpreted as knives and weapons. I know people who've had nail scissors confiscated.

2) Your Underground map and road map. Just be on guard, it's not a dangerous city but depending as to where you are people will try and take advantage.

3) No idea, I'm a carnivore, but every restaurant/hotel/eatery will have good veggie options.

4) Haha...depends what you define as Indian food. There are a million Indian restaurants in London and curry houses just about everywhere you close they are to being genuine Indian food is not something I can judge on, not having visited India (yet).

5) Depends again, it's more expensive than most places in Britain, but I wouldn't say extortionately so. I reckon for self-catering £20-30 would be a good estimate. Eating out in a restaurant, £15-20, or a pub about £10.

6) Lots of the other topics have good travelling advice in London and things to do for days off so have a scour around :).

7) Everywhere. To the best of my knowledge I think tourists can use NHS walk-in centres which are dotted around.

8) I'm a poor student and don't use hotels...someone else will have to answer that question!

9) Warm is a relative term. 30 centigrade is your absolute maximum and I wouldn't expect it to get that warm. It'll be quite humid though. Weather can change rapidly so bring a decent coat as well.

3. Posted by harissa (Budding Member 38 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


Indian restaurants vary from bargain basement to really expensive, but as Sam2000 has pointed out, many are probably not what Indians would call Indian food. Brick Lane (to the East of London, on the edge of the City - tubes Aldgate, Aldgate East, Whitechapel) is known for having a large number of Indian restaurants / curry houses. Having said that I've eaten in a couple and am really not sure how authentic they were. I suppose the general rule would apply - if there are several other Indians eating there, the chances are it's pretty good.

For veggie food you could also try the Turkish, North African and Middle Eastern restaurants. There are several Middle Eastern places in the area between Marble Arch and Marylebone, going west towards Edgeware Road. There's also a good Turkish/Tunisian place near Covent Garden market. Not sure if I'm allowed to post the name, but it's almost opposite the Africa Centre. They definitely have veggie options and 2 courses should come in at less than £10.

Don't forget to bring an umbrella - 'warm' doesn't mean dry! And when travelling on the tube remember to carry water with you, as it can get VERY hot down there in summer. Particularly if you find yourself having to travel during rush hour.