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europe for the first time - where to go?

Travel Forums Europe europe for the first time - where to go?

1. Posted by mia_s (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

Hello! Pls help me with my itinerary. I'm planning to go to Europe for the first time ever! It's highly likely that it will be 10 years before I get to go again so I really want to maximize this particular trip.

2 1/2 weeks ( or 17 days) itinerary
London - 4 days
Paris - 5 days
Venice - 1 day
Florence - 3 days
Rome - 3 days

with extra day for traveling


3 weeks (or around 24 days)
London - 3 days
Paris - 5 days
Czech Republic (Prague in particular) - 2 days
Austria ( Vienna and Salzburg) - 3 days
Switzerland - Gimmelwald and Innsbruck - 2 days
Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome) - 7 days

2 extra days for traveling between places


2. Posted by tarnasky (Budding Member 15 posts) 6y

How are you getting around? The last thing you wanna do is try and cram too much in
therefore spending a 1/3 of your time in transit. That being said you can fit quite alot
into 24 days in Europe.
Your intinerary looks ok but you dont really need 5 days in Paris, 3 days would suffice.
Since you asked here is what i would do. Taking into account you oviously want to stick with
your chosen places in Western Europe.
London - 3 days
Paris - 3 days
Amsterdam - 2 days
Berlin - 2days
Prague - 2 days
Vienna - 2 days
Venice - 2 days
Rome - 3 days

3 days spare

But yeah as i said alot depends on how your getting from A to B.

3. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 6y

Sorry, I disagree with tarnasky - all those big cities and only 2-3 days? The suggestions for places was ok, but the timeframe.... Your original initiaries were way better time-wise.

The 2 1/2 weeks ( or 17 days) itinerary is a great one, you'll see a lot yet won't feel too rushed around. Depending upon what you wanted to see you could take a day away from Paris and spend more time in London or Rome. Florence itself btw is really for the art lovers, if you are not so much into art you could reduce your time there. For myself I would never do it in a million years, I would instead spend almost all my time in Florence - but everybody is different. I just absolutely love art.

The other initiary with 3 weeks (or around 24 days) is good too, but too rushed if you ask me.

Italy definitely deserves more than 7 days, try to make it 10 if you can. What recommend rethinking is:

Czech Republic (Prague in particular) - 2 days
Austria ( Vienna and Salzburg) - 3 days
Switzerland - Gimmelwald and Innsbruck - 2 days

Instead of these cities you might want to consider going elsewhere. It is just too rushed. Salzburg is a must, yes, but the other places? Innsbruck is in Austria btw. If you are travelling by night train coming from Paris I would suggest going to either Berlin or Munich. From Berlin it would be easy to go on to Prague and Vienna and from Munich I would suggest visiting Salzburg and then taking the night train to Venice. Munich would be more practical, but Berlin is definitely the more interesting city. Maybe you could find a cheap flight from Paris to Berlin?

Best would be if you could fly from London to Berlin, travel from Berlin to Italy by train, visiting Salzburg and some other places on the way and then fly from Italy to Paris.

4. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 6y

This is all just a suggestion, no should or shouldn't do's here.
London 3 days
Paris 3 days
Venice 1 day (ample)
Florence 2 days
Rome 3 days
Prague for 2 days is OK. Don't be too sucked in by Prague. It is very much on the trendy trail and choked up with tourists during the summer season. There are plenty of other wonderful regions in CZ that are just as spectacular without the crowds and high prices.
5 days in Paris? Nah. 3 days will do it. OK - if you had a lot more time then fine. But 5 days on this tight schedule? Defo no-no.
Switzerland and Innsbruck in 2 days? That's a lot of miles and not much stopping to see two of the world's prettiest countries.
How are you planning to get about from one country to another?
You mention two extra days for travelling between places. That needs a little more explaining. Trains and buses take days. Budget airlines (that are nearly always just as cheap as road transport) will allow you to do breakfast in one country and lunch in the next.
I'm not suggesting that you spend the whole time flying, but it frees up so much time to see so much more in the little time you have.

5. Posted by chrisvasil (Respected Member 102 posts) 6y

I like your 3 weeks itinerary a lot better.
Also in Czech try to make it to Cesky Krumlov, and try to make it to Munich...
Overnight trains as much as possible to save travel days. You might find that you waste less time travelling if you go longer distances (the trains within Italy are prob 4-6 hours, just short enough to not be able to be done overnight)

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