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east coast 2011.anyone care to join me!

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11. Posted by tommyvegas (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

I would love to travel with a fellow everton fan, but plans are made! :(

have a good trip lad!

12. Posted by razzaefc (Budding Member 109 posts) 6y

cant be christmas everyday tommy la,

ye,you have a good trip aswell! might see you back at the old lady when we get back,ha

13. Posted by Ema3 (Budding Member 12 posts) 6y

Hey, I'm heading out to Oz on my own early 2011 too. Don't have proper plans and want to go with the flow but roughly i want to spend a couple of weeks in Melbourne, be in Sydney for early March and then head up towards the North ready for the sun when it gets cold everywhere else. Car sharing or something would be mint but i guess it depends on everyone else's plans.

14. Posted by ...kitty (Budding Member 35 posts) 6y

Loving this! My australian mate has advised to get several people in the car! Share the driving!! I'm definitely up for random stops at little beaches, jaunts inland etc and this kind of stuff you can definitely only do in the middle of nowhere when there's more than one of you!

Sweet! Well my plans are looking like more time in Oz than i'd innitially thought (now more like Feb - May) and I discovered today it's Mardi Gras in Sydney late Feb - early March time which I definitely can't miss! Very excited!

15. Posted by razzaefc (Budding Member 109 posts) 6y

hmmm,if this was to all come together with the people mentioned,i think im going to be the only lad!ha
ah well.lets just what happens.feel free to throw some ideas in the hat then,ema included

16. Posted by patil_goa (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

If u have some plans in mind pl let me know so that I could sort out accordingly otherwise it is difficult for me.

17. Posted by ...kitty (Budding Member 35 posts) 6y

and i plan on talking about nail varnish and how much i love Sarah Jessica Parker ALL the WAY!

18. Posted by ...kitty (Budding Member 35 posts) 6y

hi patil_goa, i don't think we have any real plans to be honest. It's more just lots of us are up for it. i think we should all stay in touch and we'll have more of an idea closer to the time about when we'll be reaching certian places. it's far too far ahead for me to make any concrete plans i'm afraid. what's your itinerary?

p.s. please can noone take my last post seriously! please

19. Posted by razzaefc (Budding Member 109 posts) 6y

to late kitty,iv took it seriously already!and as long as you dont mind that nail varnish being used as face paint the minute you fall asleep.then feel free to bring it!;)

20. Posted by ...kitty (Budding Member 35 posts) 6y

yea we'll see mister! i bet you'll be asking to borrow my eyelash curlers in no time. by the way this is sarcasm (again). this will not be coming with me. bring your own.

so i'm currently flying into sydney mid january and will probably go straight on to melbourne pretty quick. I want to start there and buy a car before heading back up round the coast at the end of Feb. How long I settle in any particular spot depends on how badly i need work. Is anyone else planning to work during the time they're in Oz?