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1st time travelling...going to SE Asia, Oz, NZ and S America

Travel Forums Round the World Travel 1st time travelling...going to SE Asia, Oz, NZ and S America

1. Posted by lilly7 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 9 May '10 11:01

hey all!

I' m going travelling for roughly nine months to SE Asia, India, Oz, NZ and S America and would really appreciate any advice on what to take! I've been searching different sites for a while and am finding it hard enough to find a good list that suits. Im thinking of gettin a 50L backpack but when it comes to filling it im lost...any advice really would be great!


2. Posted by Antonio703 (Budding Member, 64 posts) 10 May '10 04:30

Hi Lilly,

Me and my gf are doing the exact same trip as you starting in s.e asia, then oz nz and s. america...when u off? we are going in september. From advice I have gotten on here for us we only need light wummer clothes as ours works out that we are in each country for a hot period. so what to take really depends on when your going and also what you plan to do (treks etc).

I wold suggest looking on previous threads in the travel gear forum for advice. we found it helped quite a bit. hope that helps.


3. Posted by lilly7 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 10 May '10 08:58

Hey Antonio,

Thanks a mill for the advice, have taken a quick look in there now and its really helpful! We're going late Septemter too! I'm getting really excited now, have you everything organised?

4. Posted by Antonio703 (Budding Member, 64 posts) 11 May '10 02:11

No we have not started getting some bits at the weekend walking boots etc and have looked at a few backpacks not got any yet...
still got to sort out vaccinations and also visas for some places...we are still a bit confused about thailand and the time we can spend there! The visa is kinda confusing!
have you sorted everything yet? have you decided how you are splitting your time? bit of coincidence your going at a similar time! we may keep running in to eachother as we go round!...will have to let each other know any tips along the way.