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Travel buddies wanted for Asia, Aus and Nz. Sept 2010 onward

Travel Forums Travel Companions Travel buddies wanted for Asia, Aus and Nz. Sept 2010 onward

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11. Posted by keb2401 (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y

Quoting robson303

Hi i too am from the Sw of England, I have booked already and am doing the same trip as u have stated, leaving england on 1st oct, im on facebook, search me james robson, my profile pic is a pic of a chinese kid. We can talk more their.

Hey Robson,

I too am leaving England on teh 1st October, are you flying to bangkok also by any chance??!

Karen :)

12. Posted by razzaefc (Budding Member 109 posts) 6y

keb,i can answer that question for you,im sure jams (robson)wont mind,him and mikey(original poster) fly from heathrow on the 1st of october,then i leave the 2nd and am meeting them in bangkok.
what are your plans while your out there?

13. Posted by mikey_d_uk (Budding Member 22 posts) 6y

we now also have a 4th travelling coming, female called ania whos also from this site, booked to come same time as well, so quite a little gathering forming now

14. Posted by Brillo9t9 (Budding Member 40 posts) 6y

Hey all, I'm a 27 year old Irish lad heading to Melbourne on me lonesome on the 6th September and I'm planning on travelling and working my way round Australia for 4 months before heading on to New Zealand then Asia. Not really sure what my plans are for Oz, just know I wana be in Sydney for Xmas and new-year. Would be cool to meet up for pints while there or maybe travel round for a bit if anyone is up for it? Cheers, Gary

15. Posted by keb2401 (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y


Well im going to bangkok for 10days then i fly to cairns, planning on travelling down the east coast and end up and work in melbourne, so prob stay there for a few months earning some money to carry on to nz, fiji and canada. It's quite reassuring to know that there will be a few of us going around the same time as im going solo too..eeek! :)

16. Posted by sky90 (Inactive 18 posts) 6y

Hey all

(20 year old female from Singapore.) I'm heading to Vietnam on 3rd Sep for about 3 weeks. Travelling from South to North. Sight-seeing, beach, moutains etc.

Anyone interested, drop me a message? Unable to find any companions till now and I am definitely nervous about heading alone.


17. Posted by cabawe (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y


Have my ticket and am ready to hit the road for 1 month starting October first, I'm from the South East of England, unfortunately all my friends are working or married with kids. 35 male.

18. Posted by jacleow (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

hey..wassup? It's rather exciting to see so many solo backpackers heading to Melb / Sydney for x'mas and new year!

I will be heading down to NZ for the whole of Oct and will be flying to Sydney for a couple of days or rather, find someone to travel to melbourne together. MAy need a job in sydney to stock up my funds first before heading to melbourne. Who cares to meet up? Probably can canvas for a job together or something. Any ideas where to stay? I'll be in kingcross area. Arriving in the first week of November.

Do drop me a mail if anyone is keen for a travel partner! i realised that i can't post email addy here. Well, search Jac Leow in FB and i should be the first one that pops up. I've a picture of a range of Lonely Planets books with big words on the top " TRAVEL BOOKS" . =)

oh, by the way, 25yo female, from Singapore. Have traveled indonesia, malaysia, thailand and cairns. Heading to NZ, sydney and melbourne from 1st oct till end jan or later, depending on what jobs i can get to fund my trip.

Let me know!


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