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1. Posted by hippiechic (Budding Member 43 posts) 12y

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Hello all.
I am going to Santa Barbara in Feb to see an Ani Difranco concert. I am looking for (very) cheap accomadations, or good camping spots within walking/biking distance to the Arlington Theatre (state street?). I already looked at the Tourist Hostel, which looks promising at around $30 per night. does anyone know if i could work in exchange for a room there? i'm thinking of staying for about a week. (from the night of the 13th, leaving on the 20th)
any info is appreciated!! thanks!

2. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 12y

Well, it's not really legal, but generally if you camp on the beach over by Summerland (a little ways south on U.S. 101) in the winter, nobody would bother you. This is a beach normally used in the summer by people who want to go topless or nude. It's popular for this because it's kind of surrounded by cliffs where you are blocked from the view of the highway--and where gawkers can't get to the part of the cliff where they could be a problem.

I can't say if the police would bother to go over there and check the area out. Of course, on the other hand, this also means you could be bothered by vagrants there--so it may not be safe for a single girl.

You decide what works best for you.


3. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 12y

My advise is to stay at motel/hostel. SB is a college town, lot cheap places to stay(near campus). Work exchange isn't to big, unless you are staying for a long time. U can checkout Might get lucky.

Good luck


4. Posted by hippiechic (Budding Member 43 posts) 12y

any ideas on where to find a map etc? i need to get from the airport to Arlington they have buses in SAnta Barbara?
and thanks for the info so far!

5. Posted by remarcable (Respected Member 335 posts) 12y

yep. Sb does have bus and a trolly. Are you a AAA member. They have some @ their offices. Of course u can use google or yahoo!