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automatically block reported members from making updates?

Travel Forums Wiki Travel Guide automatically block reported members from making updates?

1. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1384 posts) 6y

I would like to ask if it would be possible that reported members (reported through the button on the profile), can be blocked from making from updates in the travel guide, until the report is handled. I know this is going against the open wiki format of the guide, but at the moment I am revering post a jameel10 is making in all the South African cities, which is frustrating as well. If such a person can be blocked for 1 hour, I guess it would be sufficient enough, to make him go away.

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 6y

The way the spam reporting system is currently set up it isn't possible, but yes, this is becoming increasingly necessary. It's basically a similar solution to what we have in our forum. The only downside is often the reporting doesn't happen till after the member has done all their damage and logged off, so in at least 50% of the cases it doesn't stop the spammer :( My bigger concern though is that the spam reporting is open for everyone, so anyone could block any other member this way. That'd be very annoying, so would need working around... Will put it on the list of things to tackle after the redevelopment which is now underway (can't slot more things in there)!