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Melbourne to Perth Sep 2010

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1. Posted by Yogi2010 (Inactive 4 posts) 6y

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Hi all

This is my first post... so be gentle!

My wife and I are taking a 3 month honeymoon in Oz, Sep-Nov 2010. Our budget was never very big, and the Uk>Oz exchange rate has plumeted since we booked out flights a year ago. Yikes!!!

Anyway... for the second month of our trip (Oct 2010) we plan to trundle along the south coast from Melbourne to Perth. It would be great if anyone could offer advice on the cheapest way to do this (ideally with campervan or car and tent). Also advice on specific places to stop the night.... campsites, backpacker accomodation, peoples' floors, etc.

We particularly need help/advice for when the towns get few and far between and when places to stay are hard to come by.

Um, that's it for now. Thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers all

Neil (and Ellie!)

2. Posted by gnangarra (Full Member 59 posts) 6y

I'd recommend using a campervan over a car and tent, just because its alot easier to travel and more secure when

When the towns get fewer and further bewteen you need to be careful ensuring you are carrying food, water and have enough fuel but it gets easier to just stop and camp. All roadhouses have shower facilities for a small fee $2-5 each

One thing to watch is when you cross into WA theres a quarantine station you cant bring fruit/vegs across the border or the packaging they were in. That means you'll have a day or two, depending on how fast you want to travel where you'll need tinned alternative as the first supermarket is in Norseman, the roadhouses in between you can get cooked meals and bread/milk chips, chocolate. souveniers etc but not much else

Personally I'd turn left at Norseman and head to esperance then follow the coast around to Perth but the via Kalgoorlie option is just as interesting.

when you come through SA a couple days in the Flinders ranges is a must, which is another area you can camp easily

3. Posted by Yogi2010 (Inactive 4 posts) 6y


Thanks for the reply. Is there an easy way to find a list of all the roadhouses between the SA/WA border and Norseman? Or do you know where they are?

Also, do you know of any good websites for listing backpacker accomodation and or campsites? I have googled but the websites I've found don't seem very comprehensive.



4. Posted by gnangarra (Full Member 59 posts) 6y

every town from Penong in South Australia until you reach Norseman in Western Australia is basically just a roadhouse, each have a caravan park, campsites available. Theres a backpackers in Ceduna and the next one heading west is in Balladonia or Norseman

5. Posted by gnangarra (Full Member 59 posts) 6y

Yalta(?) think its closed down
Border Village
Eucla --- spend a day here worth going to old telegraph station and the Jetty
Caiguna -- eastern start of the longest straight stretch of road
Balladonia -- western end

add Kalgoorlie to this list and you get the longest golf course in the World -- Nullarbor Links

follow the link to the Nullarbor links its has all the details of whats is available and where

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6. Posted by gnangarra (Full Member 59 posts) 6y

I just followed some of the links on Border Village has a backackers

7. Posted by Yogi2010 (Inactive 4 posts) 6y

Sorry for the delay in replying.... mad few days!

Anyway, cheers for all the info... very helpful. I've got all the roadhouses marked on a map now.

A couple more questions...

In the UK we have Ordnance Survey maps which are the gold standard and come in various scales. What are the equivalent or best maps of Oz?

Also, I'm trying to work out fuel economy of a camper van (which we'll drive from Adelaide to Perth in over 3-4 weeks.... according to the Auto-Barn website, their 2.5L campers do 100k to 14L of fuel. This works out as about $0.29 per mile. Does that sound about right? I have based this on a litre of fuel being $1.30.


8. Posted by Yogi2010 (Inactive 4 posts) 6y

Bump :)