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Newbie taking the plunge - any advice..

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Newbie taking the plunge - any advice..

1. Posted by Lawcom (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

At last ! it's time for me to see the planet we live on and I've got those excitement butterflies at the prospect, but would totally appreciate some experienced thoughts..

I have travelled, just not round the world in one go and I suspect there are things I should tag as potential problems which are specific to RTW ..

At the moment as a route I'm thinking..

London - India ( for christmas )
probably land in Dehli then travel around India, would like to go all the way down to Sri lanka by the east coast and up the west to spend christmas in Kerela ... perhaps spend 6 weeks doing that ?

India - Bangkok -

Spend some time exploring Thailand and Vietnam and Cambodia etc again 4 - 6 weeks .

Bangkok - Tokyo .. love to visit Japan, I know it's expensive but what a place..

Japan - New Zealand - visiting some family there and would like to do some adventure stuff, thinking of hiring a bike and just hitting the road..

New Zealand - Australia . love to get in to the bush as well as Sidney ..

Plan to buy a flight in australia to visit a friend in Bali for a few weeks, go back and fly from Oz to.. ?

Not sure .. South America ? moving north .. need to find our more about the countries in that area..

Get up to New York then fly back to London when I'm ready..

6 months to a year - I'm completely open and flexible but, that I think would be close to my ideal trip..

Thinking of living off £1000 per month no problem in India etc .. but japan I suspect will kick me in the budget.. is that enough ?

What do I do about visas ? get them in each country as I'm ready to move on or before hand ?

If you remember how you felt before your first big adventure you'll know where I'm at :-) so appreiciate any feedback ..

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2. Posted by polly1harg (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

Well can i just say we are planning nearly the exact trip how strange... when are you planning to leave? My plan is uk - india travel overland around india - bangkok overland to vietnam - Japan - Australia - NZ where we plan to travel around in a camper van - we think north america San francisco up through canada and then finally new york. I can not offer much advise as we are still in the early stages however i will keep you updated.

3. Posted by Lawcom (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

It does sound like the perfect tour :-) it misses out Africa but I think that is a journey in itself...

Planning to set off end of November beginning of December and will spend Christmas on a beach there, may be sri lanka ?

Certainly be interesting to catch up along the road :-) wonder if that is possible ?? do keep in touch and you never know ..

Do you think £1000 per month is doable ? what budget were you thinking ..

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4. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 6y

Bangkok - Tokyo .. love to visit Japan, I know it's expensive but what a place..

japan I suspect will kick me in the budget

If unplanned, then Japan can really bruise your fragile budget.
However, Ive done both Japan - and stayed in Tokyo a few times and with a bit of careful homework it can be no more expensive than doing the same for London, Moscow or Rome. All four can clean you out if you're not careful, but with a bit of patience and time - they can all be done easily without clearing you out.