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Taking a DSLR, the usual paranoia from a first timer...

Travel Forums Travel Photography Taking a DSLR, the usual paranoia from a first timer...


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11. Posted by DulSaSeans (Budding Member 21 posts) 6y

Thanks again everyone for all your input. It really has helped me see things a bit more clearly.

With all your help the decision is to for a good quality compact and leave the 50D at home. It's a bit of a shame but the pros of a compact for this type of trip just seem to win outright.

nomadSteve: If you are planning on a kit 18-55 lens you are not really gaining much on something like the LX3

This is very true, if I was to take the SLR I would also be 'forced' to take the 10-20mm, 17-85mm and no doubt the 70-300mm as well. This is just way too much and I can't justify it anymore.

fabyomama:Considering the prices and small sizes now, what about a movie camera?

genevie: there are lots of digicam such as Sony's T series that takes shots with an image quality of an SLR

Thanks fabyomama and genevie for the suggestions. I'll definitely look into these.
Video wasn't top of the list but thinking of it, it would be really nice to get the sights and sounds of bustling streets and markets etc.

Q': a smaller camera tends to put other people more at ease leading to more natural pictures of them and generally just less trouble.

Very good point Q', this is something I hadn't considered and it is a great observation. I'm sure it can be intimidating getting a big old slr shoved in your face!

i envy you, having all the time and resources to travel that long.

Thank you very much Genevie, I think like everyone else I got fed up of the repetitiveness of my work week and need a break. The 'resource' should be going as a deposit on a flat, but I don't think I'll be regretting using it to travel . . . for now!

Cheers all, very much appreciate all the guidance and happy travelling!!
Time to go and ransack the 'which compact camera' pages now I think :)

12. Posted by Q' (Travel Guru 1987 posts) 6y

Quoting DulSaSeans

Q': a smaller camera tends to put other people more at ease leading to more natural pictures of them and generally just less trouble.

Very good point Q', this is something I hadn't considered and it is a great observation. I'm sure it can be intimidating getting a big old slr shoved in your face!

I wanted to say more, but couldn't come up with the words. Two personal anicdotes:

I took my 80-200mm f2.8 to a dance competition. I think the "pro" and the organizers there didn't like me playing in their sandbox and the next thing I know there's like 3 security guys harassing me. Other spectators had tripods and were video taping the same competition by the way, without harassment. I don't sell any of my photos. Couldn't anyway without permission from the dancers and the competition. So sometimes it pays to go stealth....

Another time, I arrived late at a waterfall and was playing with long exposures on my Mamiya RB67. That's a big boxy thing and being late, I was a little stressed setting up. Well, this nice guy walks up to me "Hi, that's not a normal camera...." Honestly, I was loosing my light and didn't really feel like a conversation just then !....Same thing happens when I pull out my big 500mm Sigma....people just gotta gauk !!.....

Then there's airport security people at the sites....bottom line, it pays to not look "pro".....

The small compacts out there these days are really great. People just need to learn how to use them. I've been thinking of writing an article for the TP photo blog about it. Hoping to generate some cool ideas from other people on how they shoot, but just not sure if people were interested. Funny thing, I saw a photography book a few months ago teaching tricks for travel photography using cellphone cams. Now that's lightweight !!

13. Posted by DulSaSeans (Budding Member 21 posts) 6y

I've just stumbled across this very recent write up on which puts numerous 'travel zooms' through their paces.

Not exactly in the same league as the higher end manual cameras but may give some good ideas to people who stumble upon this thread.

14. Posted by nomadSteve (Budding Member 13 posts) 6y

My lens did decide to die, sand in all the wrong places, not repairable. So the question was, new lens or compact? I decided on the compact for the rest of my travels, and went with the canon S90. Hands on control won me over in the end. Certainly nicer carrying that than lugging around the DSLR. We shall see how it fairs as I keep travelling. Let us know what you decided in the end.

15. Posted by DulSaSeans (Budding Member 21 posts) 6y

Cheers for the update nomadSteve, I'd love to hear how you find the S90. I've heard great things about it.

I'm back at square one again. I had decided on a compact after all, but now I just can't bear to leave the DSLR behind. . .

Back to the drawing board I think!

16. Posted by fabyomama (Respected Member 560 posts) 6y

Is it a trip or a photo trip? That should decide. Best not get attached to your stuff. :(

edit: Having said that, my little Canon A80 finally gave up the ghost. Absolutely gutted.

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17. Posted by nomadSteve (Budding Member 13 posts) 6y

You said it. You shouldn't get attached to anything while your travelling. Things always find a way of dissapearing... You set yourself up for dissapointment if you do.

Whilst i still haven't really used it much, it just has the right feel. Feels good in your hand. Like an SLR It actually feels like a creative tool. Something like the lx3 still felt like just a big compact, without the hands on controls.

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19. Posted by TLWH (Travel Guru 516 posts) 6y

It's really Dependant on what you want after you have taken your photos.

Sound to me you'd like the quality, or near enough, to a dslr without the weight nor lens changing issues.

I've carried heavy cameras around the last 5 + years on my travels. Never had an issue, other than weight with lenses.

I've met others with sensor problems due to dust. Which for some would be a problem in specific countries. eg Olympus do not have many centers for repair in Asia. That said, most Canon and Nikon have to go to the capital anyway. Where Olympus usually do have a center.

But, canon and Nikon do not offer international warranty, olympus do.

Anyway that's off topic.

My advice, is to check out the fixed lens Lumix offerings. You'll get a lot better bang for your buck with them than with a compact in regards to telephoto.

In the countries you mention, telephoto capabilities will get you some nice shots.

Mirrorless cameras will be around in 5+ years , in the meantime I'd stick with a telephoto bridge camera.

Hope this helps

20. Posted by Seznz (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

I have been thinking that same thing, tho I am only away for 3 weeks and only going to the UK & Paris.

I have decided not to take my DSLR however because of the fact that I am taking my laptop also and it would have been too much to take. I am taking my point & shoot and also a Fuji 5600 - only because its a little smaller than my DSLR and I have more control over the manual settings in case I want to take "better" photos than my point & shoot.

I guess the thing is that some of those point & shoots take really amazing photos and sometimes it hard to pick what camera took the photo.

Happy snapping