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Packing tips for travelling to Oz during July and August

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Packing tips for travelling to Oz during July and August

1. Posted by so many qs (Budding Member 12 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

As you might have seen on my other thread I'm flying to Melbourne, spending 5 days there and then taking a 10 day tour to Alice Springs, then heading to Sydney and travelling up the East coast. In total I'll be travelling for 7 weeks. I'm calling in with friends in different cities but my backpacking will be solo. So I'm trying to pack my rucksack and starting to panic. I'm looking for tips from seasoned backpackers (which I am not).

Here's what I have so far: walking shoes, flipflops, hat, sunscreen, towel, toiletries, torch, insect repellent, camera, flight tickets and passport obviously, I'm going to hire a sleeping bag, leggings for under trousers, tracksuit bottoms as pyjamas, swim gear, travel hairdryer, phone charger. As I'll be travelling about, I'm going to need a variety of clothes-but what? Would fleeces and layers be enough for Melbourne and AS? Are jeans any good or do I need combat type trousers? What clothes do I need for going out at night? (Oh and I'm a girl!)

All tips will be appreciated, no matter how obvious they seem! This is all new to me!

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I was in Oz travelling 2yrs ago and I took flip flops and runners but for going out at night I had to buy shoes as some places did not allow flip flops.. maybe pack a light pair of ballet type pumps as they can go with everything! I brought enough clothes for anout 7days and then kept re washing. Also 2 or 3 going out type tops that could easily be thrown over jeans/denim skirt/shorts which I had brought for wear during the day. Also, any time I go away, I take a mini first aid kit and sewing kit. :) Hope this helps...

3. Posted by so many qs (Budding Member 12 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Aw thanks so much for replying Charyan. That's a great help. I knew a fellow Irish girl would understand my 'going out' dilemma!

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Hey traveller,

Welcome to Australia. First and foremost, for Alice Springs you need to have an amazing insect repellent. Especially against flies, which are ubiquitous and unfortunately not at all shy. In addition to the hat you're taking, grab some sunglasses. You won't have a problem with Alice Springs being cold, not even at night.

Melbourne weather is very unpredictable, on the other hand: It can be sunny and then rain in the next 10 minutes. Jeans with shoes and a nice top are acceptable in pretty much every venue, flip flops are unacceptable practically everywhere. It can get cold enough that you won't be comfortable without at least one warm jumper.

So, this is my recommended packing list:

Flip-flops, walking shoes, one pair of nice shoes
Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, strong insect repellent
Toiletries, Towel, Toilet Paper, hairdryer, spare set of cutlery (useful in AS, believe me)
At least 7 pairs of underwear and socks (so you get a week before needing to wash)
Tracksuit pants, two pairs of jeans
2 comfortable tops for hiking, 3 going out style tops just like Charyan said
1 warm jumper
Passport, travel documents

I hope you have an incredible time here.