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1. Posted by Zag_Help (Budding Member, 2 posts) 29 Dec '04 10:47

Several of my friends from Gonzaga University are studying in Florence, Italy this school year. They were spending Christmas in Thailand when the tsunami hit. I have been unable to contact any of my friends, but news reports have said they believe the students were inland and were not injured. Please keep them in your prayers. I still would like to know how I could volunteer any time and effort in helping out in these countries that were so highly impacted. Anybody know of ways to travel to these countries on a college student's budget and lend any help possible?

2. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 29 Dec '04 23:18

Hi Zag_Help,

I've posted regarding wanting to help in this thread:

On a student's budget, as an outsider, I'd say, you're far better off sending any cash you might spend, so that trained, experienced people can be more effective.

I hope your friends are ok!


3. Posted by YerMan (Full Member, 66 posts) 30 Dec '04 00:53

I agree with Peter. Unless you have specific skills you will only be in the way, although I appreciate your desire to help. Even if you can't afford much money yourself, arrange some sort of events to raise money.