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1. Posted by IseMan (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y

I´m currently in Lima, Peru. I plan to travel around Peru, to Chile and then Argentina. I have no definite plan only to meet up with friends along the way. My problem is that I have a one way ticket here and when I leave I need to get out to the Big Island Hawaii. This is way more expensive then I originally thought since my ticket to SA was very inexpensive (around $340 from NYC to Peru). I plan to leave SA maybe sometime in September and my trip will probably end near Buenos Aries, Argentina. But my plans are very flexible. My question is when will be the cheapest time to fly out, and out of what cities. Is it cheaper to go to flordia first? And what is the least amount of $ am I looking to spend on a flight with a final destination somewhere on the Big Island, HI. Thanks!
-Wondering Gringo on a Budget

2. Posted by KoalaGirl (Travel Guru 307 posts) 6y

From South America you'll probably find that most of the flights transit via the USA or Mexico any way. When I was looking at prices about 12 months ago (for travel in Spetember) the cheapest routes were from Rio/Sao Paulo to either Miami/Huston/Mexico City and then on to Florida....

I saved a few hundred dollars by leaving from Brazil as opposed to Argentina or Chille.

Hope that helps!:)

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3. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 2000 posts) 6y

It seems that all of the really cheap flights go in/out of either New York or Miami.

The cheapest way I found (though obviously not the shortest) is to take a flight from Buenos Aires or Rio or Sao Paulo to New York (about $845 or so is the cheapest rate in September on either TACA or Aerolinas Argentinas), and then take a flight from there to Hilo, Hawaii--around $480 was the cheapest I found--which was a late night Delta flight to Seattle followed by a 10 hour layover before getting on an Hawaii Airlines flight to Hilo.

Strangely enough, all the flights that are shorter (going through Houston or LA or Dallas) cost more than the $1325 total going New York.

4. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2001 posts) 6y

I did an ITA search and found EZE-LAX for $1060. on TACA and then LAX-HNL for $235. on American

(EZE-HNL is over 2K)

(those prices will only go up the closer you get to Sept, and it seems to me that an East Coast intermediate destination would only increase the price of the mainland-HI leg)

Koalagirl was right on - leaving from Sao Paulo to LAX brings that down to $530. on Aeromexico!

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5. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 2000 posts) 6y

Wow--Sao Paulo to LA for $530. I might book that route round trip and go there myself if the RT fare isn't too much higher than the one way cost.

6. Posted by LSucettes (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

It all goes down (if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) after September 21, when the North officially leaves summer. Last year (thanks for the swine flu) I found a ticket for $430 on vayama that took me from EZE to GRU, from GRU to MEX and from MEX to LAX in Aeromexico.. an absolute bargain.

Look it up for September 27th on vayama.. for a hundred more bucks (less than what you'd pay taking a bus or flight from Buenos Aires to São Paulo), you can fly straight out of Buenos Aires to Los Angeles, with a 5-hour stop in Mexico City.. all for USD 639.
And from LAX to HNL on the 28th for USD 228 on Delta. $867 in total. Not bad for such a long trip.

7. Posted by KoalaGirl (Travel Guru 307 posts) 6y

The flights I found were with TACA from Rio to Huston for $670....

8. Posted by IseMan (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y

Thank you everybody for your imput, it was all very helpful Flights out of Lima were much cheaper than Buenos Aires. So for my trip from Lima to Santiago to Buenos Aires and back to Lima, I found tickets through LAN for $370. Ending in Lima I found a ticket to NYC ( where my family and most of my stuff is anyway) for $340 through Aero Mexico stopping in Mexico City. Spirit is another very cheap way to fly in and out of Lima but I needed to book earlier, it fills up fast this time of year. And finally from Newark NJ, I found a flight to Kona, HI for $380 through Alaska Airlines, with a nice 12 hour overnight layover in Seattle All in all a great way for a wondering gringo on a budget to get around

9. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2001 posts) 6y

Quoting IseMan

And finally from Newark NJ, I found a flight to Kona, HI for $380 through Alaska Airlines, with a nice 12 hour overnight layover in Seattle

12 hours is just enough time to see downtown Seattle and Pike's Market (seafood). Seattle has a brand new lightrail, Sound Transit, that goes right into the airport. Take it from the airport all the way to the last stop at Westlake Station, and walk west along Pine or Pike St. to the market. It shouldn't take more than 45 min one way.

Should you need an inexpensive room in Seattle, the Green Tortoise Hostel is directly across the street from Pike's Market (dorm and private rooms)

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10. Posted by IseMan (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y

My layover is from 9:00 pm to 9:00 am. Will the market and down town be open after I get down there? and does the transit keep going through to the wee hours of the morning? Thanks for the suggestion Daawgon!