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1. Posted by stephemm (Budding Member, 14 posts) 15 Jul '10 04:22

Hello! I'm going to New Zealand for a little less than a year and my flight brings me through LA. I have an 'around the world ticket' or something which means I have almost as long as i want.

As I'm going to NZ on my own I have no idea if I'll have anyone with me when I get to LA or if I'm travelling on my own. I'll have a month at most and as I want to do the entire coast I only really have the time and money to see the main tourist spots rather than the ''off the track'' kind of places- hopefully that will be my next travelling adventure.

Any tips on how best to travel, where to go and wether i'll be fine doing this on my own? By this point it'll be roughly June 2011 and I'll be 19 ... a single female.

2. Posted by deadmanmoz (Full Member, 91 posts) 16 Jul '10 01:29


really depends what kind of things you want to see in LA and where you will stay.
Classic tourist spots?
Star homes?

I dont know alot about LA but was there for 4 days last year and saw some cool stuff.

3. Posted by stephemm (Budding Member, 14 posts) 16 Jul '10 07:27

Hey, thanks for replying!
I'm probably looking more for beaches, classic tourist spots and major cities/towns.
But as its the end of my trip I really don't know anything about what I'm going to do.
What did you see when you went there?

4. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru, 1940 posts) 16 Jul '10 10:29

For someone young and poor, I suggest the Green Tortoise bus trips because you travel with people your own age and it looks like a great deal of fun

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5. Posted by stephemm (Budding Member, 14 posts) 16 Jul '10 14:58

Quoting Daawgon

For someone young and poor, I suggest the Green Tortoise bus trips because you travel with people your own age and it looks like a great deal of fun

That is actually pretty amazing, thank you!

6. Posted by deadmanmoz (Full Member, 91 posts) 19 Jul '10 05:39

Six Flags theme park isnt too far away, that was a great fun day.
The tour of the stars homes can be fun, although you dont get to see alot because of the large gates and fences, i chose a tour that included the Hollywood sign and general LA tour as well as the stars homes and it was in a open top mini bus so you caught some sun too.
Kodak Theatre, Hollywood sign and the stars, all very touristy, kinda cool to see though.
Although dont try to walk the entire length of the stars because its crazy long, either pick some stars you wanna see and locate them on a map or enjoy the ones around the Kodak theatre.
Maybe head for the sunset strip at night, check out a few bars, we went to some bars and a nightclub, the one bar had a crazy strange hairdressers theme inside, wierd but cool.
Saw the Viper Room but didnt go in because the queue was so big.
I found LA a strange place, it wasnt what i expected although i cant exactly put my finger on what i mean by that.
Beach wise, i saw them all, Malibu, Laguana, Huntington, all nice but again i almost expected more, maybe it was just the parts i went to.
Santa Monica is nice and also Monterrey where they have a fab aquarium, although its a 5hour trip from LA.
Do you have to end in LA?
I found San Fran WAY WAY WAY cooler and much mroe to see and do.

7. Posted by stephemm (Budding Member, 14 posts) 2 Aug '10 05:13

Hey deadmanmoz, thanks for that!
Unfortunately I do have to end up in LA. I start and end up there but I really want to go right up to Seattle and back down again. Does that sound do-able?
I really want to do San Fran and San Diego. Anything in particular you think I should check out in San Fran?

8. Posted by StaceyD (Inactive, 20 posts) 17 Aug '10 19:39

Hiya! San Francisco is rich in beaches and parks. For beaches, I suggest Ocean beach if you want to have a good time surfing and Baker beach located in the western side of the Golden Gate which is nice to spend with friends and family. You might also want to visit Golden Gate National Recreation Area which is the most popular place in SF.

Have a blast in your trip!