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EU/non-EU couple w/multiple schengen residences

Travel Forums Europe EU/non-EU couple w/multiple schengen residences

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In a bit of a complicated situation and hope someone can help. My husband's an EU citizen, I'm an American. We've been living in the UK (his country) since we got married and in the autumn we're relocating to the European mainland. This is where it gets complicated. Our plan was to move to the Czech Republic together, however he was then offered a great job in Warsaw. We looked at the commuting distance and agreed we could do the long distance thing, commuting on weekends, with our main residence in Prague. We've found an immigration agent in Prague who's helping us to establish our residence there and get my a permit. We're now receiving info that my husband might need to have some sort of official registration (Meldunek) in Poland. Is this the same thing as a residency visa and would this conflict with our Czech residency? Is it possible for an EU citizen to commute to work in one EU country while maintaining a family home and official residence in another country? Any advice on this situation would be very much appreciated!


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It is possible for an EU citizen to live in one EU country and work in another, it is no big deal.

Your husband doesn't need a visa to live and work in Poland. The meldunek is bound to be some paperwork regarding insurance, social security, taxes and related stuff.

The big problem will be to explain it to the Czech authorities that you are both living in Prague. A weekend commute over such a long distance and with two countries involved is not very plausible. It will sound as if you are both seperated, thus causing problems for your visa. This will be especially worrisome if you plan on working in Prague.

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Thanks for your reply! Our immigration agent in Prague, who comes highly recommended by non-EU friends, assures us the commute issue isn't a problem as I'm doing my doctoral research in Prague, he's hoping to transfer there (his company in Warsaw has a branch in Prague), we both have a reasonable command of the language and are thinking of buying property in the next year or so. We also did a time breakdown, and, as my husband works in education, he actually spends less than half the year at his place of business. We had just not heard of the meldunek before, and, after all the bureaucratic headaches thus far, the thought of another was a bit distressing. Of course, this being the Czech Republic, I can always apply individually for a zivnostensky list, or trade license, but we'd rather not separate our primary residences, as it makes us look like we've separated. Also, as I'm concentrating on my studies, I don't really wish to work. It does greatly annoy me that in relationships involving people from multiple countries, these sorts of things have to be taken into account. I know people in both the US and UK who commute hours daily, or maintain London or NYC apartments for week nights, and very rarely would one interpret this as a sign of relationship's just part of modern life, unfortunately, and, while I understand the possible skepticism of immigration officials, it does feel like a bit of a double-standard where international couples are concerned.

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