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Should I Quit my Job & Go to Oz?!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Should I Quit my Job & Go to Oz?!

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21. Posted by wanderer82 (Full Member 111 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Great news Helz, you won't regret your decision.

Best of luck and let us know how you go!


22. Posted by jjones42 (Budding Member 9 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey, I'm Australian and lived here all my life, so I'm not so sure about the visa but I just wanted to say that its not hard to pick up a job here. It is an amazing country and the people are great. I'm soon to move to London for a year or two to do some travelling and have an adventure, so I know what you mean about uprooting your life, but if like me, its something you want, you should just do it!

23. Posted by Helz_24 (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Thanks JJ - I absolutely can't wait to go! So much to sort out still, I'd just like it to be all sort of magically done!! X

24. Posted by Tracy2011 (Budding Member 71 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi I'm planning on doing the same, just waiting to hear back about my WHV! I have a 'decent', well paid job, but after 5yrs I've had enough. I had 6 weeks off this summer travelling in Central America, and since I've been back, it's made me realise more than ever that there is so much more to life.

Plus, i'm 30 so if I don't do it now, I literally won't have the chance to get an Oz WHV ever again! Yes I'll be very nervous about giving up 'everything', but I think it'll be worth it!

Now, if they would just hurry up and grant me the visa, I will be a very happy girl! :)

25. Posted by Fraycam608 (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Tell me about it!!!
I've spent two years looking for work since graduating after my dreams of becoming a pilot didn't work out due to an illness. Now I'm okay again I work as a mechanic for the family business and have the opportunity to take it over but my hearts not in it. After finishing with my girlfriend of 7 years I decided it was time for a change so am heading to oz!

Home will always be here for you to go back to and you only live once.what have you got to lose?

Oh, and to top it all off I received the only job offer 2 years of applications last week. It felt wrong to turn it down but feels good to be going on an adventure ;-)

26. Posted by Lyndsayx (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Helz,

I feel exactly the same! I'm 24 too, have quite a good job in the Travel Industry, but it's in a city I'm not keen on either. I've also just gone through a messy break up and ended up living with my parents again...(argh ) so I'm thinking do I

a) pack it all up and go travelling.......


b) move to a new city and start over again...

hmmmm option A I think! Or I think i'll be thinking 'what if' all of my life, and I'm sure if I set up somewhere new, within a few years I'll be settled with a new job, maybe a boyfriend, maybe thinking marriage (eeep!) Better go now whilst I'm at this crossroads, or I never will!!

So yes, if you are thinking you are at the crossroads too, then GO!!! :) There may not be another chance for a while! :)

If you wanna chat at all or have some help planning your trip, let me know! would love to hear from you

Lyndz xx

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28. Posted by TravelMc (Full Member 93 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Go for it!

I did it in the other direction (NZ to UK) nearly 9 years ago. I had a good job, lived in a fairly comfortable sitaution in a city I flip between loving and being ambiivilant about but I knew I'd never get off my rear and do it if I didn't jump in while the impetus had me.

I was actively encouraged by almost everyone which helped and several friends had flown the coop at the time and it was all so much easier than I ever thought it would be. So now I have 2 home countries, friends all over the world and I travel home annually and spend all the time I'm there being totally in love with home. Home = holiday now!

There is obviously something about being 24 when the itch kicks in!:)

Look at it this way - you already know what 'here' is like.

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