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1. Posted by danielle21 (Budding Member 64 posts) 6y


After some advice regarding my itinerey for Argentina. Heading there March/April 2011 for 4 weeks and concerned how im going to fit everything in!!

This is what i was hoping to fit in:

Buenos Aires
Santiago and Valprasio(Chile) time permitting

Above is what i have planned so far but im really desperate to get further south to some national parks. Distance wise is this going to possible in 4 weeks including all the other stuff? Buses seem the cheapest way to do it but i dont want to spend all my time on long journeys!

Any advice would be great thanks?

Also any other recommendations of where to go and what to see would be great.


2. Posted by tricky (Respected Member 323 posts) 6y

Hi, just to give you an indication of the distances Bs As to Bariloche is 20 hours on a bus. It's a fabulous journey but that's an entire day down and an entire day back up to somewhere like Mendoza.

If I were you I'd cut out the idea of crossing over to Chile and the north of Argentina and concentrate on having a good time in the other destinations.

Bs As you could spend weeks in alone and the same goes for Bariloche and the NP's. Cordoba and surrounding towns are beautiful and well worth your time. There a 7 universities there soa young vibe and plenty to do. Mendoza is also a great place especially if you like wine!

Is there something in particular you would be going to Salta or Santiago for?

3. Posted by enf (Budding Member 32 posts) 6y

Have you thought of flying from BAs to Bariloche? I'm currently looking into this possiblity as I want to travel the Chubut province and possibly go further south through Patagonia when I go to Argentina next year.

The flight is around 2 hours, there are flights 3 times daily and costs about £80 - not cheap but would save you a lot of time...

4. Posted by danielle21 (Budding Member 64 posts) 6y

Cheers for the advice guys.

Frm your comments and some additional reading ive been doing i think im going to give chile a miss on this trip no particular reasons for including in the itinery to be honest.

Should i give Salta a miss? it looks a beautiful place but maybe another long journey for the sake of it!

Thanks for notes about flights. Maybe consider flying down to bariloche. Do you guys now much about flights/journey down to El Calfate? looking at some national parks downs south. Maybe the glaciers and i would love to get to Torres del plaine but again think its going to push it witthin my time limit.

Thanks again for help.


5. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 894 posts) 6y

As a once and future resident of Santiago, I promise you that you are missing nothing great by not going there. The trip through the Andes is one of the top 5 sights I have ever seen, however. You may lament that at your leisure.

6. Posted by tricky (Respected Member 323 posts) 6y

Torres national park is maybe the most beautiful place I have ever been. I went in January which is peak season so not sure how the weather would be there in April. You should check it out.

If you are going to go and do it justice I think a week is necessary. A day either side of the park in Puerto Natales (to organise then to rest) and 4-5 days to do the W Trek for example.

You can book everything you need for there in Pt Nat. I think the hostel called The Rock is very popular although I didn't stay there myself.

Again flights easy to come by from Bs As. I took the boat down from Pt Montt which took 4 days and the bus back which took 32 hours so not ideal in your time frames.

A memorable journey though.

7. Posted by Local_inBA (Budding Member 8 posts) 6y

A way to fly more cheaper in Argentina -and considering you are already planing your itinerary- is buying and airpass. With this airpass you can fly inside the country at very good prices. In that way you won´t spend the half of your trip in a bus.
The airpass you buy it in the offices of Aerolineas Argentinas at your country/nearest country. The requirement is to have an international flight ticket to Argentina and to have an itinerary.

8. Posted by CCTravels (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

Your trip sounds great. But remember, Argentina is HUGE...

I spent a month traveling around and did a mix of buses and flights. Try to get one or two flights to cover the big distances and then use buses for the rest. they are really comfortable and you can even have a bed! Yeah, much better than in the US!

My favorite places were in Patagonia- Bariloche, Chalten and Torres del Paine (Chile). I also liked Mendoza because the wine was amazing!

I planned my solo trip with a company called Say Hueque Tours. They organized most of the logistical stuff (buses, hotels and rafting-horseriding-etc), but then i planned free time at some places to do my own thing. By the way, a wine to look out for is the Rutini, its Amazing!

9. Posted by buxcador (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

Quoting danielle21

Buenos Aires
Santiago and Valprasio(Chile) time permitting

Also any other recommendations of where to go and what to see would be great. ..

If forced to choose, I would pick Cataratas de Iguazú over Salta.

From, and to Buenos Aires, I would take a night "coche-cama" bus (a bed bus). They are comfortable enough to sleep, and dinner.
By traveling at night you will save one day of hotel, and enjoy more of your awaken time. The views you lose are infinite extensions of maize, wheat, soya, sunflower and cows.

But do not ravel by night on other places. You want to see the landscapes on the Andes, the tallest mountains in this hemisphere.

10. Posted by Cecibastos (Budding Member 23 posts) 6y

Well, that has been my dilemma too.

But I think I have finally made up my mind and decided on my itinerary for a trip for 18 days-trip.

BA. 5 days ( including Uruguay)
Bariloche - 4 days (
La Calafate - 2 days - just perito Moreno)
Uhushaia - 5 days
Mar Del plata - 2 days

Hope this helps.....