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Vitamins and pills for a year...

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1. Posted by -Pei.Ling- (Budding Member, 2 posts) 10 Aug '10 18:38

I will be going abroad to Asia for one year and I was told to by my doctor to bring multi-vitamins, calcium pills and tums. I will be bringing enough for my stay (which is alot). They are all still in their sealed, original-bottled state but I am afraid that airport luggage security will confiscate it. Which is 'safer', packing it up in my check-in or carry-on? I have about 4 gallon-sized ziplock bags in my carry-on right now filled with assorted things - will this be a problem with confiscation???

2. Posted by Yvekes (Respected Member, 266 posts) 10 Aug '10 22:48

Why would one need all those medicines????
As a tourist, you'll have access to fresh vegetables and fruit every day, you won't die of starvation!

And in case you think you'll need a supplement, you can buy it at the spot, there is no need to worry!

3. Posted by Raylene85 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 15 Aug '10 17:20

Do you need special vitamins? There are vitamins available all over Asia. You can always have them mailed to where you are staying when you get there.

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4. Posted by backlasher (Budding Member, 29 posts) 16 Aug '10 09:28

I've carried medicine and vitamins in their original bottles through security going to Europe without problems. As long as the bottles are sealed and the prescriptions are for you I don't think you'll have a problem.

5. Posted by RBurgundy (Budding Member, 8 posts) 7 Sep '10 10:00

I was wondering the same thing, but on top of that I also have my allergy medication for 6 months = around 400 pills. Was wondering if anyone ever got asked a question about them when checking in.
And yeah you can buy vitamin pills everywhere you go, but you still have to buy them by the bottle :).

6. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive, 842 posts) 7 Sep '10 10:56

Multi-vit tabs and single-vit tabs really are very hyped up - and offer very little in benefit. You will get more vitamins absorbed naturally, by eating small amounts of fresh fruit and salad on a daily basis.

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