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Thailand, Oz, NZ & Fiji....

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11. Posted by jacklintan (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Sophie,

Nice to know you're travelling to these places...

1st, Thailand, (Bangkok), u wont have any problems moving around. you'll most likely to stay at backpackers for foreigners at Khaoson Rd. They offer cheap hostels and from there, you'll be able to move to other tourist places. They have loads of information you wanted. After Bangkok, maybe you can cross the boarder to Malaysia. U can consider places in Malaysia like Penang, Butterworth, KL (Capital) and Melaka. If you have more time and make sure you convert some money in each countries. If you happened to finished visiting Malaysia, u can think of Singapore whereby u can take a bus from Melaka Central to Spore (appox. 3 hours ride)

If you wish to visit Thailand more, u can think of places like Phuket (nice beaches) and for shopping, maybe...(Chiang Mai) those places.

2nd,Australia...which places? all of them???

3rd, NZ....Easy to travel in NZ...if you have sufficient money and time, u can consider renting a car while u worked temp in NZ., (but it's pretty boring places in some parts of NZ e.g. Christchurch...but im sure you'll figure it out while you're vacationing there.

4th, fiji...I never been

Best advice for you while travel alone, 1st, always report to someone close to you in your country whereabout you are. 2nd, keep a low profile of how u spend your money and always keep ur passport close to you. 3rd, never trust anyone who seem nice and cute. ;) 4th, never ever travel alone at night in some rural places. If possible, try to make some new friends...(reliable ones). get to know where is your country's embassy in every country you visit.

Best of luck!

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13. Posted by Steve79 (Respected Member 339 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

It makes me very jealous reading these posts, as it was a year ago tomorrow I left England to go travelling to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and back to Oz where I am working.

Anyway here are my opinions of the places you are intending to visit:

1) Thailand
Thailand was great. I absolutely loved South East Asia, there is so much history and culture in the area, and the people are so friendly and the food is fantastic, and everything is so cheap. It is an amazing place. I spent three months travelling round and wish I had spent longer there. I met some fantastic people there and was rarely alone on that part of my journey. You will have no problems. My time in SE Asia was probably the most enjoyable on my entire trip.

My advise would be if you have the opportunity go to the other countries around Thailand. Laos is a beautiful beautiful country, there is so much to see in Cambodia in terms of the temples and the genocide museum, my three weeks travelling Vietnam were the best part of my trip in Asia, just travelling down the coast line, plenty of beach parties and sunbathing, and Indonesia (especially the Gili Islands) is brilliant.

2) Oz
Great country, but very, very expensive! I spent nearly four months here and it blew my budget completely. In all honesty I wish I had spent a bit more time in South East Asia or New Zealand. I had no problems getting work in Australia when I came back. Just put your name down at a few recruitment agencies and you will be fine.

3) New Zealand
Beautiful, beautiful country. So much to see and do, amazing scenery (especially the South Island). You will have a great time.

4) Fiji
Literally paradise (if you go to the Yasawa Islands) my favourite place I have ever been.

Hope this all helps!


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