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65 litre too big ??? B

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific 65 litre too big ??? B


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1. Posted by Tullettm (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y

Hi I've brought a 65 l rucksack,( for a year in oz) after reading some of the posts on the travel gear forum I'm a bit worried that my pack is too big as most say 35-40l is more than sufficient.
Any insight from previous experience would be very hand thanks guys

2. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 6y

No need to bring the kitchen sink, I hear they have launderettes down under!

3. Posted by Happy_Days (Inactive 36 posts) 6y

I am taking a 55, plus a zip off 15 day pack. If you're comfortable with it , take it. I've been worried mine too big after reading some posts but if it works for you, take it. It's space, capacity, you don't have to fill it, apart from with lovely souvenirs for when you go back home :)

4. Posted by Lewwy (Budding Member 56 posts) 6y

I've bought a Jalan 65 + 15. After reading the forums, I am also worried that the bag will be too big for a year.

However, I will be stuffing a laptop in it, a mid size camera and a frisbee.
I'm hoping the space is useful, I'd rather have more than I need, than not enough.

Having said that, I am trying to convince my other half to get a smaller bag, and I'm laughing in the face of my mate who got a 70 + 15 with wheels, as far as I can tell, they come in handy once, Airports; other than that the extra weight is not worth it.

5. Posted by Happy_Days (Inactive 36 posts) 6y

Ah, I feel good about mine now. Tho, how big is the frisbee ;) Seriously though, I'd rather have a bit of extra space than not enough. So long as you can carry it.

6. Posted by Lewwy (Budding Member 56 posts) 6y

I think I'm trying to justify it with the frisbee :P
It's no bigger than a dinner plate..

But I used my bag for a week long trip and hardly filled it up at all :)
I don't remember, but I'm hoping a book, Harry Potter maybe, takes up 3/4 of the space, haha!

7. Posted by Brownbread (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

I'm taking my 25L Kriega goretex motorcycling rucksack and my camera bag for my SLR and that's it! I've done a dummy pack too and was able to get everything I needed into the 25L with a little space spare.
Admittedly I'm travelling light because me and my friend will be getting a campervan as soon as we can after we touch down and I'll buy a few more extra clothes out there once I decide what I need. I quite liked the idea of selling everything and starting a fresh out there.

If I was full-on backpacking the entire time I'd probably take a bigger bag though, a 35L bag is pretty large. My friend has one and you can tetris a whole small supermarket trolley's worth of stuff in there!

8. Posted by milby (Budding Member 16 posts) 6y

my bags 154L

9. Posted by Lewwy (Budding Member 56 posts) 6y

Quoting milby

my bags 154L


Jesus Christ! I reckon if you filled that with water, Shamu could comfortably land a somersault in that!
Got a link? I'd love to see how big it is.

10. Posted by milby (Budding Member 16 posts) 6y

it looks like this (same shop), but the bigger version-

no idea why I got one so big, I'll no where near fill it. But might come in useful