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1. Posted by Nisha J (Full Member 101 posts) 6y

Hi all,
We travellers go to different places and bring back memories in the form of photos, videos, information and stories which we want to share with others. I searched here to share something but could not find any thread/part of forum where I could see 'how a particular things is done'.

e.g. I wanted to share a video which I shot on how a wedding garland is made in south India. I have uploaded it on youtube but don't know how to share it here.

Shall I write a post ? But then how many people will read it?

I propose to have a thread or some place where we travellers can share how a particular things is done from across the world.
Another way is to encourage ppl write a post on TP and leave a link to a thread called 'How things are done'.

What say ppl?

2. Posted by bwiiian (Travel Guru 768 posts) 6y

Nice idea Nisha

3. Posted by Nisha J (Full Member 101 posts) 6y

Thank you bwiiian.

Is higher authority listening?

At least reply yes or no. :)

4. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3736 posts) 6y

I like this idea Nisha. It might be a nice edition to some of the travel guide articles - perhaps you could send a message to Eric (dr.pepper) or one of the admins about this.

5. Posted by melliset (Inactive 15 posts) 6y

Nice idea Nisha... Your post is really appreciable.

6. Posted by Nisha J (Full Member 101 posts) 6y

Bex76, Melliset,

Thanks for the support.

I have written to Eric. Lets see what he has to say. :)

7. Posted by Nisha J (Full Member 101 posts) 6y

No reply. Any other door to knock at ? :)