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1. Posted by emma1979 (Full Member 126 posts) 12y

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether anyone could give me any advice or tell me about personal experiences...

My boyfriend and I are flying out to malyasia on the 16th of january. we need to cross the border from malyasia into thailand and i from what i've read in lonely planet we plan on taking a train from butterworth up to the border then changing and taking another train up to surat thani. Like Lou, we are a bit worried about getting ripped off as we've heard some horror stories and were hoping you could put our minds at ease or give us some info on what to expect as it's quite hard to imagine.

also, we fly into penang from KL and heard we could obtain all the visas we need for our two month stay (in total) around thailand, cambodia and vietnam in Penang. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so any indication of price?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Emma x

2. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 12y

You get a free 30 day tourist visa on entry into Thailand ... every time you enter the country It's easy to arrange Cambodian & Vietnamese visa'a in Bangkok

3. Posted by louloul (Full Member 75 posts) 12y

Not sure about visas in Penang. Im getting my visa for Cambodia and vietnam in Bangkok at the respective agencies. I think its best to get the cambodia visa beforehand and not at the border to avoid those wishing to get more money out of us.
As for a thai visa...30 days on arrival, think you can extend it in Bangkok or by exiting and entering the country again, although i realise this will be difficult for you entering from Malaysia.
Good luck on your trip

4. Posted by shoutlabs (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y

okay here's some help.

From Penang you can approach a local travel agency have have them rig up a bus ride to Hatyai in Southern Thailand for you. You can also do this from KL. Doesn't cost much. It's a good idea go to Hatyai.

From there if you want to detour you can actually head up to Krabi. I'm sure there are resorts picking up after the tsunamic at this time. The ride there is about 150 baht. From Krabi Town you or from Hatyai (depending on whether you took the detour), you can head to Surathani via mini van. Coaches cannot traverse the terrain here. From Surathani there is a bus ride up to Bangkok, or a train ride to the norther parts of Thailand.

When you book a trip from Thiland to Cambodia, make sure you get the relevant documents and photo copies like visas and stuff because a scam in cambodia is to ask tourists for a copy of the visa or some health nonsense and charge you a fine if you don't have that (obvious coz you dont' need it).

Hope that was helpful enough.

I'm making another trip to Cambodia and VIetnam with my wife this coming March. We're starting from Bangkok.



5. Posted by emma1979 (Full Member 126 posts) 12y

Thanks for your help everybody - very kind of you all.

We're going to look into getting visas in KL now instead of at the border. Thanks for the tips on what copies of documents you need for the border. I guess not having these can really make the journey more difficult.

Thanks again and I hope you all enjoy your own trips! I'll let you know how we get on and pass on any info I can that may help you also.

Emma x

6. Posted by Twinkle (Travel Guru 1112 posts) 11y

Does anyone know what the deal is on coming in the opposite way, Thailand into Malaysia?Is it a case of you get your stamp and visa at the border crossing or should i get one sorted before i reach the border?also anyone know what happens if i decided to fly from Thailand into KL, will my visa just be arranged at the airport?Keep reading up on it, but im getting different answers from my books!!!!!Oh yeah, and also what about entering Singapore from Malaysia?

7. Posted by thezenyen (Full Member 88 posts) 11y

Quoting Twinkle

Oh yeah, and also what about entering Singapore from Malaysia?

For most nationalities, you just get a 14 day or 30 day visit pass into Singapore at the border or airport. No Visa. Very simple.

8. Posted by Twinkle (Travel Guru 1112 posts) 11y

Thanks for the advice!Thats great Cheers!