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11. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 6y

I give up trying to explain this to someone who refuses to hear.
Perhaps you've never been to Malawi or Tanzania, to mention just two of the many countries where the majority of the people are hungry on a regular basis - and short of food.
If you had - perhaps you'd realise what I mean, by such a waste.
I'm not refusing to hear - I just appreciate that food is for eating, not wasting.
I'm sure it's fun for those that come from a land of plenty.

12. Posted by fabyomama (Respected Member 560 posts) 6y

I think upbringing also plays a part. My Mum was always telling us kids to finish our food as there were 'starving children in Africa that would be happy to have it'. Though I think the main reason was there wasn't much money in the house. But it was something that 'hard-wired' itself in over the years and that I still have today. I can't speak for 'La Tomatina' or Africa from personal experience. All I can say is I am truly stunned sometimes at the sheer quantity of food people personally throw away.

Just a fact of life I suppose.

13. Posted by vcars (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y

Since you are so concerned about hunger in the world, I hope that at Christmas you will donate the money from your Christmas dinner to these countries ...
I thought this was a tourism forum, not a politic forum...

14. Posted by fabyomama (Respected Member 560 posts) 6y

Tricky subject. But you're right - this is a travel forum.

15. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 6y

Totally agree, but opinions are permitted too - aren't they?
Oh and as you care to mention me contributing something, I do plenty of that. Not only with money, but time too. What about yourself?

16. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 6y

In fact - I'm outa here now. This has burnt out.

17. Posted by laurim (Respected Member 260 posts) 6y

People don't starve because other people throw rotten tomatoes for an hour once a year or grape stomp or whatever other festival goes on that involves food. People are starving because their governments are corrupt, they live in an area where growing food is a challenge, they don't have the education to grow food efficiently, they don't have the infrastructure to transport food to remote areas, etc. etc. To reduce the problem to a "you're wasting food" argument is totally missing the real issues and won't solve anything. Eliminating all food festivals would not put one more morsel of food in a starving person's mouth. It would be nice, however, if the festivals would donate part of the proceeds of their event to starvation relief causes. Money actually would make a difference.

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