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31. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 31 Aug '10 02:57

Quoting fabyomama

Also, when I click 'reply' I have to scroll down to bring the text box into view as above it is filled with the side menu and white lines.

And the toolbar in the reply box is a mish-mash of symbols (in bold) and text, though some little context titles light up so I can use those or else just type it in. Still, it's only day one. ;)

edit: - also agree with the criticism of the narrow forum/wide advert view. Maybe it was intentional. and my emoticons ain't working.

Thought I'd answer a few of these after having fixed up some of the bigger bugs on the backend :)
I think the side menu/white lines are probably still a cached CSS file, so I assume this will disappear shortly. Safari is definitely one of the browsers the site has been pretty well tested in (and generally plays nice anyway).

I'm guessing it might be a similar issue with the toolbar.

The narrow forum/wide advert view is indeed intentional. Related threads will be appearing on the right, and it also gives us the option to add an ad there if we want (standard width on those is 300px). I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but there are also ads appearing now in between the first post on a thread and the replies, but ONLY if you aren't logged in. We'll likely do similar for other ads, where logged in members get a more ad free version than logged out users. Kind of like a bonus for becoming a member :) But we'll also need space for highlighting things like competitions, so we can't really get rid of all the ad sections for logged in users either...

That said, the forums is the one place where we really really struggled with this decision in terms of width of the posts. We're all so very used to nice wide posts that it was a difficult choice and we went back and forth a few times. In other words, we are definitely not opposed to figuring out some way that we can give some extra width to the forum entries...

32. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:01

Quoting levian-nz

The only thing I have difficulties currently, is the photo-upload.
Regardless if I try multiple with the applet, with gives a trail-version message, or if I use the single file upload.
In both cases the upload itself seems to work ok, but after that in the gallery the photo is empty.
Means there is an entry for this pic, but it is empty.

Woops! I'll get someone to fix this one straightaway (the trial version bit). I just tested and my photos are uploading though? Are you still having problems with not seeing the photos after uploading (aside from the trial version message) ?

33. Posted by bLV (Budding Member, 19 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:11

I've uploaded my profile picture, but it doesn't appear in the Public Profile.

34. Posted by flaviaU (Full Member, 5 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:17

Hello, the mulitphoto uploader is not loading on the upload page. Can you please take a look at that. When I open the upload page, there is just an "X" in the upper left hand corner.

[ Edit: Edited on 31-Aug-2010, at 03:19 by flaviaU ]

35. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:24

Quoting bentivogli

I'm sorry to say that I'm not enthusiastic about the new design. The standard font seems to be smaller than it was before, and all the white is giving me a headache. It looks very cheap and empty, somehow. Also, for me it doesn't make sense to have the controls (links etc.) in the right pane instead of the left.

Sorry to hear that Niels. The font seems like something we will have to fix, because clearly we can't rely on everyone having the clear type or whatever it's called in Windows set up. The white and right nav are going to be harder... Most of the navigation has actually moved to the top from the left. The right pane is intended for 'sub navigation' and we never really had anything similar on the old site. One thing that has changed quite a bit is the main forum page. That used to be sub divided into all the different forums; now it's the 'all threads' layout instead. I quite like this change, but it does take some getting used to.

36. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:25

Quoting TTG

Not sure if these have already been mentioned, but . . . (1) toolbar above and on blog entries (bold, ital, IMG, etc.) is one giant mash-up now; and (2) the bulk image uploader is not working properly. It says the server cannot be found.

Looking forward to getting these issues resolved and getting back to "work"! Thanks.

The mashup is probably down to a cached CSS file. Try doing a hard refresh, or clearing cookies and cache on your browser. It will also clear out over time, but this is faster :) The bulk uploader should be fixed now...

37. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:40

Quoting jambo101

Not sure why the need to change but now instead of my default page opening with a choice of all the sections i'm getting a page full of new posts from all sections.If this is better than the old system could some one point out where i can view the improvements?

Assuming you are referring to the main forum page, you can still view the sections; they are all there on the right. This is however a much more logical view for new users, and also for a lot of active forum users.

Quoting jambo101

Loading times are long,

This is one of the things we intended to improve by introducing memcaching. Yesterday there were a lot of straggler bugs lying around, but today you should find the site a lot faster. For me there is a noticable improvement in loading times compared to the old site. Most pages load within a second, vs 3+ on the old site...

Quoting jambo101

tool bar is in martian.

Could you maybe screenshot this? There's a few others mentioning this and I assumed it's a caching issue, but maybe people are just confused by the buttons and we need to improve them? They should follow standard text editing programs though; ie. headings, bold, italics, links, quotes etc.

Quoting jambo101

still no description as to what the emoticons represent.

People really like the emoticons I can tell! :) As mentioned in one of my first replies, this will be fixed shortly. There were just other more important fixes in the meantime (like the slow loading).

Quoting jambo101

When i make a post and click submit/update why am i redirected to the first post in the topic and not the one i just composed?

Hmm, I don't think anything changed in how that form works, so I'll have to double check. It's obviously supposed to work like it used to. I can't actually remember how it used to work either?!

Quoting jambo101

Ever heard the saying "If it aint broke dont fix it"

Sadly it was 'broke'. Maybe not in obvious ways, but there were several sections that needed fixing, so we had to do something. Having a fixed width is a huge improvement for us in terms of fixes and time spent ironing out design details. There's been a thread active for over a year letting users contribute suggestions and ideas/feedback, so we've been pretty open about the whole process I think.

38. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:42

Quoting Sam I Am

Quoting jambo101

When i make a post and click submit/update why am i redirected to the first post in the topic and not the one i just composed?

Hmm, I don't think anything changed in how that form works, so I'll have to double check. It's obviously supposed to work like it used to. I can't actually remember how it used to work either?!

After posting this, I can confirm this has probably been fixed in the meantime, ie. you actually are redirected to the last post.

39. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 31 Aug '10 03:43

Thought I'd better pop in to this thread again as well :) Please bear with us a little as we sort these things out. We have to focus on what are the most important problems first, not necessarily the easiest ones to fix. Those will all be done of course, and hopefully we can get through them quite quickly. Yesterday we needed to ensure the site was stable and not having massive slowdowns like it was. Dmitry and I (and Li in China and Sam in Norway of course) were both flat out till late at night sorting it out. Didn't go nearly as smoothly as hoped, despite quite extensive testing prior to launch. Unfortunately that left little time to discuss all the changes. Today I was dealing with a bit of a disaster I created for myself in the blogs area. That is still not solved and is really the most urgent thing for me at the moment.

Bummer really, because I kind of want to get on with the much more fun job of explaining all the new goodies. I think we'll have to do a series of blog posts on them or something, because there's so much to talk about.

Quoting Utrecht

Also, a small suggestion: maybe go back to the old TP for a few days to sort things out? Or am I talking BS now

Hehe, tempting as that may sound, that is definitely not going to happen :) It may be painful getting through the upgrading process, but it would be a 100 times more painful trying to downgrade.

Anyway, I'd better get back to it. Want to solve this blogs problem before bed tonight. Hopefully I can check in to discuss a few more things later. I am definitely monitoring this thread for any serious bugs too by the way. Here's my listening face if you need to visualise

40. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 31 Aug '10 04:01

Quoting Peter

Here's my listening face if you need to visualise

Like salt in the wounds when the emoticons don't work...

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