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1. Posted by popejames (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

Hi all.

My first post. The subject says it all really, I have had enough of the daily routine of working and the general boredom of life in England. I feel like I am just existing rather than actually living my life to the full.

So I have taken the decision to do something about it and discover the world and the many different people that I want to meet.

I am going to start in Australia and see what happens. I could do with some pointers in the right direction of how to apply for a visa. I do not really want to work as I have saved quite a bit of cash and will sell my car to generate more funds.

If anybody is thinking about doing the same and would like to meet up or discuss the possibility of starting the journey together then please e-mail me.


Happy New Year to all.


2. Posted by wittak (Inactive 55 posts) 12y

Hey James!

Glad to hear that you've decided to leave the rat race!! It'll be the best decision you make I'm sure!

When are you starting out?

3. Posted by popejames (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

I will probably hand my notice in within the next week and then it will all start from there. Would like to be in Oz by early March.


4. Posted by wittak (Inactive 55 posts) 12y

Lucky you!

I've got to wait until June before I can get on that first plane!!

I won't be in Oz until the end of the year I'm afraid!!! Hope you have a good 'un anyway!

Let me know if you'll still be about for xmas 2005!

Take it easy mate,


5. Posted by Tamo (Full Member 40 posts) 12y

Hey guys, I'll be on oz from august. Heading for perth first, then up the west coast to darwin. From there getting oz ex (whipper snapper) to sydney for new year (fancy meeting up rob - theres a bit of a group forming at the moment!) then down to melbourne before flying out to kiwi land. A couple of months there, then onto feejee for a bit, last stop the west coast of the states! Cant wait! As for visas, I'm getting a working holiday visa from sta. If you check them out, theyll pretty much organise everything for you visa wise - working or not! As rob said, if youre around for new year, give us a shout!

Good luck!

Tams x

6. Posted by Barrie09 (Budding Member 29 posts) 12y

Hi James
I will be heading to Oz via Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore at the end of Feb. Same as you had enough of work etc and fancy a change for a year or so.No fixed plans as yet just gonna see where I end up. Let me know if you fancy meeting up somewhere along the way.
Cheers Baz

7. Posted by wittak (Inactive 55 posts) 12y

Sounds cool Tams... will defo look you up!

I'm doing the same as your Oz-Pacific leg and was going to go on to West Coast States before hitting Central America though I've revised that now to fly to South America from Cook/Fiji..

If I don't catch you guys on Oz will surely hook up after.

Rob ;)

8. Posted by leanneh (Budding Member 59 posts) 12y


im heading down under at some point in June via SE Asia hopefully. Planning on working my way round Oz for a year then heading to US west coast then back home via New York. New Year in Sydney sounds amazing! Can you add me to the list of people too!! Not sure on my route around Oz as yet but if anyone wants to get in touch give me a shout


9. Posted by wittak (Inactive 55 posts) 12y

F'sure... see you in Oz!

Where are you going in SE Asia? And how long do expect to spend there before you get to Oz?

10. Posted by leanneh (Budding Member 59 posts) 12y


Not got any set plans as yet for se Asia. Would like to see Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore....... I could go on all night! I will try and fit in what I can really. My budget will probably decide how long I spend! I guess anything up to a month, more if I can arrange it. Just cant wait to get on my way! This depressing weather doesn’t help!!