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anybody been doing anything above the norm lately???

Travel Forums Off Topic anybody been doing anything above the norm lately???

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1. Posted by smythy (Full Member 237 posts) 12y

Im supposed to be revising this week but got p'd off with it yesterday and just headed off round local county roads on the bicycle for the first time in about 2 years probably!

Started @ 1400 and wasnt back to 1800. Covered approx 65km up around mountains in south armagh (forkhill to be precise), beautiful scenery that i had never really been to (can see it from my house but never went up there b4). Seen some amazing things on the ride! Heron Crane, shetland ponies, black goat with about 50cm horns, as well as nearly riding over a squirrel which darted out in front of me going down a hill.

Legs are a bit sore today but great refresher from the revising!

Wot have the rest of u been chilling out to?????

2. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 12y

For the first time in 10 years, I took my skateboard for a run over the weekend. It only took about 5 minutes until to gain my confidence and feel comfortable. Will do it again this coming weekend

3. Posted by Wocca (Inactive 3745 posts) 12y


4. Posted by Kingwindle (Respected Member 302 posts) 12y

apart from saving every penny I am making to go travelling with, I too may go out biking I think. We have this massive downhill circuit near to me clled Wendover. Its an official circuit and I well scary but god fun and costs pennies to do it! I then may have to treat myself and go on the lash, you cant just save save save all the time!

5. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 12y

thats strange i was biking too, more just to save money instead of taking the bus and trying to get fit, went to the local estuary and to a beach i'd forgotten about

6. Posted by tresham (Full Member 67 posts) 12y

I dusted off my ol' bike too Took it out for spin, just wish I could find scenic rides around here. smythy your ride sounds great.... it's concrete city here....

7. Posted by Kingwindle (Respected Member 302 posts) 12y

I would be riding down to the estuary and go fishing!! That costs hardly anything and lets you unwind, however the weather is turning for the worse in the UK and Ireland at the mo, Smythy, I wish I lived close to the sea! lucky thing

8. Posted by Kingwindle (Respected Member 302 posts) 12y

sorry i meant raven!

9. Posted by backpackit (Full Member 45 posts) 12y

Biking would be nice...but it's going to have to wait. We got about 10 inches of snow yesterday here in Chicago. But there are still plenty of things to do in the snow

10. Posted by JennyCook (Full Member 95 posts) 12y

At work we're doing a walk called the Essex Way across our county. the walk is about 81 miles in total and we're doing it in 8 stages. It's great fun and is a bit different to lying in bed wathcing TV on a sunday morning.

I also went Ice Skating for the first time in ages last weekend and managed not to fall over (remarkably. By the time i got home my stomach was aching as we'd been laughing so much.

i also turned up to a new years eve party with some friends in full-on fancy dress. Only to discover we were the only ones in fancy dress!