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1. Posted by bhealy (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

today is my first day, just love the trip map system

I want to add web site links to stops I have added to the google map trips creator.
Meaning, in the stopover information entry area, how do I add a web link?

Many thanks in anticipation

Bill Healy

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5911 posts) 6y

Glad you like it!

It's not possible to add links in the stop descriptions at the moment. Had never even considered it to be honest :) Will take it into account for future developments. Out of interest, what kind of things were you planning to link to?

3. Posted by bhealy (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

Thanks for your prompt reply
For the last 33 years I have run a tourism college here in Melbourne Australia.
Until now it has been a classroom training system but I am
now converting it to an online/home studies system.
As part of the studies I have written a website and a slew of assignments
and quizzes.

The Australia assignment involves students planning a camper van
holiday around much of Eastern Australia. So I have decided to
make use of your trip system as it is much faster than creating
an overlay map of Australia myself, for which I would use Adobe Captivate.

I was thinking of adding a tourism link to each stop since the students
have to submit details on suggested sightseeing.

But, congratulations on what will be a boon to "trippers",
I know it wasn't intended for what I am doing but it just seems a great way of displaying my assignments.
Best regards
Bill Healy

4. Posted by bhealy (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

Hi, again,
I noticed that when I added Sydney to my trip, an info popup with an X in a circle to close it down appeared
There was info in the popup with info from someone's blog and a "read more" link.

This is the kind of link I was asking about. I presume this is added in an html format
Is this correct and how is it done please?


5. Posted by Peter (Admin 5911 posts) 6y

Those are articles from the Travellerspoint guide. Where possible, that link will be added automatically in the info window.

If you want this for each of the locations on the trip you have plotted, then there is a way to do this - namely by adding those locations to our guide and writing something about them :) It's free for any member of Travellerspoint to edit.

It's also possible that a location wouldn't be linked just because it doesn't have latitude / longitude information in the guide article. If you are interested in having content for each of the locations on your trip by doing this, let me know and I'll try to explain that process in a bit more detail. Of course, we'd love to see the guide filled out more!