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5 weeks in Australia - which route?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific 5 weeks in Australia - which route?

1. Posted by gh05 (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

As part of my 4 month round the world trip I am in Australia for 5 weeks and have been quoted two options:

Either fly into Melbourne and out of Sydney OR into Melbourne and out of Darwin.

I want to do the east coast (for 4 weeks) and Ayers rock/Alice Springs for 1 week but am struggling to work out which option is best to fit it all in.

Need to find cheap flights from somewhere into the red centre and will probably get a tour bus along the coast as I'm going alone.

Anyone know how I can do it?

btw, the darwin option makes my ticket £90 cheaper.

It was suggested that I could get a flight to the centre from Melbourne and then fly to Cairns before going back down the coast to Sydney but I can't find cheap flights from the centre to Cairns. On the other hand I could do a return flight from Melbourne to the centre and back and then do the east coast from Melbourne to Cairns but then I would still somehow have to find my way to Darwin which is a long way!! I don't know if that trip would cost more than the extra £90.

Any help much appreciated.


2. Posted by jstarbuck (Budding Member 21 posts) 6y


I spent 6 weeks in OZ in 2000. Flying into Alice is advisable as it was a 36 hour coach journey to the east coast. Whatever the flight costs - its worth it. Not sure I'd want to spend a week in Alice though lol We never made it to Darwin; it was a bit too far to make in the time we had. I'd recommend doing it on another trip if you only have 5 weeks.

We had to do all our travel overnight just to have the time to do the things we wanted to. Admittedly it was a very full trip but Australia is bigger than you think it is. But if you fly from Melbourne to Alice you can save a lot of time (Adelaide is nothing special).

I'd fully recommend Fraser Island and sailing the Whitsundays if they're not on your itinerary.

Hope that helps.


3. Posted by gh05 (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the reply. How long do you recommend staying in Alice/Uluru? I fancy doing one of the tours there.

Out of my 2 options can you recommend which is the best route to get what I want done? i.e. into Melbourne, flying out at Darwin or into Melbourne, flying out at Sydney?

the best internal flights seem to go from Melbourne.

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4. Posted by timtravels (Respected Member 350 posts) 6y

If you're looking to spend 4 weeks travelling down the east coast then you'll have to be fairly time conscious in Melbourne and Alice Springs. Personally I'd forget about Darwin, and fly into Melbourne and out of Sydney. You could fly in to Melbourne, spend a couple of days there then fly from there to Alice Springs, in Alice Springs I'd try to spend at least a day at Uluru, a day at Kata Tjuta and a day at Kings Canyon. From Alice Springs if you can, fly to Cairns and travel down the east coast to Sydney. I think you'll spend the £90 you save on your RTW ticket getting up to Darwin if you choose to fly out of there.

5. Posted by ashleywats (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

Hi... i will suggest you.. cheep flight to Melbourne and out of Darwin. you can choose student flight or best flight for the cheep flight.

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7. Posted by jstarbuck (Budding Member 21 posts) 6y


I can't really comment on flights as I flew straight in and out of Sydney on a RTW ticket.

As for Alice/Uluru I did a 3 day tour of Uluru and another 2 in Alice and that was more than enough. Alice, at the time - it may have changed from 10 years ago - pretty much only exists to serve the tourist trade. Try and be flexible so you cand decide when you get there. I'm travelling at the miute and plan a maximum 2 days in advance - it's the best way IMO.

If you want email me on ja mie trave lling at hot mail dot commie (no spaces and proper com obviously - gotta avoid the spambots :) )

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