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First time traveller!!!! Advice needed!!!!!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel First time traveller!!!! Advice needed!!!!!

1. Posted by rach87 (Budding Member 26 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Im planning on travelling from the UK over to Thailand, possibly Malaysia and India, Oz, New Zealand then back to the Uk. Im hoping to go for 6 months minimum and maybe stay out there for longer if i can afford. I was thinking about getting a working visa just incase i need to work to gain a bit more money. I have no idea of the amount of money i will need for the entire trip, so any advice would be much appriciated.

I need to know a rough estimate on the following:

- Spend i will need for each month - approx for each different place i am hoping to go to
- How much approx for a hostel per night
- Visas
- Insurance
- Different experiences such as aussie and kiwi
- Skydiving prices and other activities

I have no set plan at the moment but im looking to get flights booked within the next few months. I would appriciate any advice anyone can give me as i literally have no idea of exactly where im going at the moment and hw long. Where would people suggest to go first and how long would u stay in each destination??? I was thinking to not stay in Oz for too long as i want to stretch my money out for as long as possible.

Any thoughts????


2. Posted by starlotte (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

first of all, congratulations on taking the first step to travelling!!

you will need as much money as possible... australia and NZ in particular will drain your money big time! thailand etc in asia are pretty cheap so thats not too muchof a problem, long as you don't get scammed. if you end up going to bangkok especially be careful as all the locals there try and get money off you any way possible; tuk tuk drivers will take you to a shop in the middle of nowhere, people try n sell you suits, bird feed.. anything. just have your wits about you and you'll be fine.

australia depends where you are and what time of year for hsotel prices, usually 20-30$aus on average per night, but over busy periods like xmas/new year prices will rocket to about 50 or 60 per night!! look on or

skydives in australia range from 170 - 300$ + another 100 for dvd. once again depends where you do it. mission beach is most popular but more expensive cuz u land on the beach.

there are lots of activities you can do there, from scuba diving to white water rafting, camping... so much. they will all cost money of course, but there are lots of travel agencies over there so just get quotes and compare prices, try and haggle! they make like 40% profit so can afford to drop the price... with some things like sailing on the whitsundays islands it works out cheaper to turn up in airlie beach and get on a boat on standby.

if you want to work there you need to apply for a working holiday visa before you go, but if you are only a tourist i think you can just get that visa when you turn up at the airport.

get a good insurance that will cover you for everything, as you never know what will happen!

if you dont have much money i suggest spending most of your time in asia. there are lots of things to do in oz but different people want different things so i dunno what you wanna do. most popular route is up the east coast, you will probably need at least £1500-£2000 to live comfortably for a month...

hope that helps a bit

3. Posted by eva020977 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Dear rach...
wellcome to travelling around world....u i'll get so many many great experiences....

i think it's better spend ur time in south east Asia countries because there are too many cheap accomodation, activities, and many beatifull places to enjoy.
in thailand and Indonesia (i think both of this country have similar price for everything), u can find a small hostel or bacpackers lodge below US $10/night. low prices for meals about US$3/time, and u can nego with all activities price.

In thailand, u can enjoy phuket and phiphi island. Phiphi island has many beautiful bay, u can do some beaches activities like swim, snorkeling, diving, sight seeing, etc. one of beautiful bay is Ma ya bay, where the film "the beach" took place.

In Indonesia, u can stay in Bali for a few weeks, because too many places to enjoy and many traditional culture and religion ceremony that u cannot find in other country.
Indonesia and thailand people are nvery wellcome with tourist and very nice...
Ok rach... have a nive trip..., and don't forget to share ur phootos....


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