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My big OZ adventure!!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific My big OZ adventure!!

1. Posted by scturner (Budding Member 19 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I have been thinking about a big adventure around the country they call OZ. I am not the most organized person and also very new to the world of travelling and would just like to write my plan and then hopefully get some views from you all.

My travelling plan i would like to do is to get a 1 way flight to Sydney and sign up to ozintro, this is because as i have said im not very organized and also very new to travelling. I like the look of ozintro this is because they sort important stuff out for you and also offer a great week of activities and accomendation for a reasonable price. I would like to stay in Sydney for a while then move down to Melbourne so i can find work and live there for a while to gain some money to travel back up the north coast finishing in Cairns. I plan on staying in Sydney for 1 month before i head down to Melbourne where i hope to stay for 4-5 months earning some money to plan my 6 month trip up the north coast. If i don't get a job in Melbourne i will travel back up to Sydney to try and find some part time work.

When and if i do complete this plan i want to travel home via Asia and Europe and just travel as long as i can before i run out of my hard earned cash. I plan on working all through asia and europe if i can find the jobs that is. I am hoping on having a budget of £11,000 maybe £12,000 and i intend on going in june time this is because it is low season and i can hopefully get a job before the rest of the like minded travellers arrive. The budget i hope to have will have to pay for everything from my backpack and underwear to my flight and accomendation. I plan on spending ;

  • £1,000 on my 1 way flight to Oz and my ozintro start up
  • £1,000 on travel insurance, backpack, and all travel gear i wish to take
  • £1,000 this is for my back-up money for a flight home and to cover me when i get home
  • £8,000 this will be for all my accomendation, food, water and trips while travelling
  • £1,000 this is for extra plane tickets i may have to buy to get to asia and europe

I plan on saving alot of money on accomendation and food this is because i plan on doing a volenterring project on either workaway or helpx website buy getting a family or hostel to take me in for my hard work in exchange for accomendation and food. I plan on doing this over christmas and new year in Oz this is because i know the price of accomendation will be at its highest around these months so i hope on saving alot of money then. I also will be saving on money by staying in cheap dorm room hostels and cooking for myself, i also hope to get cheap transport by hitchhiking and being as cheap as possiable. I have also been looking into signing up for the couchsurfing website.

I am not one for sticking to a plan i have set so this is really just a outline i may even get a cheap campervan and travel up the coast of Oz with a few backpackers i meet on the way and i might skip travelling through asia and europe and get a long flight to America and try and travel through there i really dont have a plan that will stick and i suppose that is all about travelling.

The questions i want to ask are;

  • Do you think the budget i have i reasonable for a trip like this?
  • Is it as easy as i think to get jobs around the world as a backpacker?
  • Anyone else done a trip like this?

Thanks for you views in advance i will look forward in hearing them :)

2. Posted by Nyssa (Budding Member 31 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hey, I just did a trip that sounds kind of like yours.

I spent 10 months in oz (about 6 of them working) and then a few months traveling nz, thailand and the UK.

I spent about 20 grand (canadian).

Finding work i didn't find to be that hard, tho only if you're looking for easy work like waitressing or service. Sometimes finding work may take a few weeks. the best way to find it is to just go door to door dropping off ur cv. Tho i did meet some travellers who had a really hard time finding work (tho we were there during the worst of the recession as well). It seemed easier for girls than guys to attain work.

i have no idea what kind of work you expect to do in asia, especailly if you plan on actually having a work visa, I would probably avoid working in asia and just travel.

Couch surfers is a pretty cool website, i suggest checking them out for sure.

Many hostels will offer you work for accomodation, but they usually expect you to stay a few weeks. It is unlikely to get work for a night here or a night there. However, for this kind of work you just need to ask the hostels, you dont need to be in any special prgram to help you along.

If you're dead set on going with oz intro then go for it, but it is a rip off. It isn't hard to sort your own hostel out before you get there, and you will meet people in the hostels to socialize with. If you do everything that the oz intro organizes on youre own you will save money.

Also, the main things you get from oz intro that makes working in australia less daunting are (a) your working holiday visa, and (b) a SIM card. Both these things are completely simple to attain on your own, and total cost about 100$. Sim cards you can get from any phone company for maybe 5$ if you have an unlocked phone, and you can get your visa from the australian government website, just go to visas, and fill out the simple form. it costs about 100$ and you'll be aproved within a few days (it took me about 12 hours). So no worries there.

Its good you dont care about sticking to your plan, cause I had a similar idea of where I wanted to work, what I wanted to do, and none of it ended up being what I actually did at all.

Good luck and have fun! Dont expect to save too much money whilst working in oz. things are expensive. And the place is a huge party. All the money i saved in oz i spent in oz.

3. Posted by shorty100 (Full Member 144 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi Scturner,

Your situation just sounds exactly the same as mine. I'm looking at going to Thailand then to Sydney for OzIntro. I agree with Nyssa that some people think it's a rip off, but for me it's more the piece of mind. I have friends who have been and went totally on their own, but I like a plan. Least if I have my first week planned i'll be happier than just turning up with no idea where to start.

I'm heading out mid April/start of May. Not sure for how long, I'll wait and see how I get on with finding a job etc.

My work mate also was away for 9 months and spend £4000 (okay double for $), this didnt include her flights but she did everything she wanted to... She only worked for 1 month! I'm kinda using that as a guide, anything else is a bonus.

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